Kit design for dummies, part 2

7 06 2012

When Lille’s new kit was unveiled there were some guffaws about the design;

You may have already guessed which section of the shirt reduced the guffawers to guffaws; the collar area. When the guffawers finally stop guffawing we should make them aware that shirts with this basic design are synonymous with Lille OSC. Umbro were inspired by the late 1940s / early 1950s;

In times such as these it’s nice that football culture still has a resonance. Even Ni-keee can respect football culture and offer subtlety in their designs;

Note the restrained use of sponsorship. Unfortunately the approach they took with next season’s Celtic kit is an aberration. Ni-kee usually go for the approach they adopted with Man United’s new kit; using aspirational bullshit to bestow magical qualities upon base garments.

Unfortunately bullshitisation is no respecter of boundaries. Warrior, designers of the new Liverpool kit and newcomer to the world of football kits, have already fallen in the bullshit trap. Here’s Liverpool’s new away kit;

Here’s what they claim; “Following Warrior’s design direction of modern tradition, the new kit is inspired by Liverpool’s away kit from 1900-1906 which featured the yoke detail in recognition of sailors and the huge influence of the docks on the city at the time.”

You can probably guess that Warrior are an American company. The yoke part is fair enough, I can understand its usage, Liverpool actually wore that style of shirt once;

Warrior could have finished the sentence at “yoke detail” and people would have been happy enough but they had to gild the lily with part about Liverpool’s maritime history.

How the fuck does a black and grey football shirt evoke memories of sea travel? Do they think the grey part represents “the slate grey of a tempestuous sea” and the black part represents “the black of portentous storm clouds over the Isle of Man“? Do they think the kit evokes shipyards, Steam Packets or stevedores with hooks? If they do I can’t quite see it.

Even if the idea worked as a concept why would you want to celebrate “Rum, sodomy and the lash” or Liverpool’s part in the slave trade? Can’t they just say, “Here’s Liverpool’s new away kit, we hope you like it!!” instead

I’m sick of”The Man” trying to get us to accept his repellent bullshit.




2 responses

8 06 2012

I really like the black socks. Anyway anything compared to 1992’s away kit anything is fantastic.

7 06 2012
Jonathan Ervine

Good piece, enjoyed it. Like the way Celtic have such low-key sponsorship on next season’s shirts, I don’t like walking around as a billboard for some corporate entity that gives money to advertise on my club’s kit but whose products mean nothing to me. Think Celtic’s kit with limited sponsorship is because they’re coming up to their 125th anniversary. The black socks are a bit of a ‘new’ thing but apparently were part of the kit when Celtic first started wearing the green and white hoops or at least back in the early 20th century.

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