Some Cup Finals

29 05 2012
XXX XXX XXXXXX X Cefn Druids 0,
Welsh Cup Final – Played at Nantporth,

A match happened on this afternoon.

Bangor City 4 Glantreath 1,
North Wales Coast Cup Final – Played at Nantporth,

So Bangor actually won some silverware this season. The scoreline suggests an easy victory and for once suggestion is more than mere suggestion.

It was good to see that the less than full-strength Bangor team today enjoyed their victory. It was also good to be able to toast the end of the season in the clubhouse.

Now we only have to wait seven weeks until the European draw!

Holhead Hotspur 2 Holywell Town 1,
Barritt Cup Final – Played at Caernarfon,

The match was typical fare for this level. To judge from the tackling, argy-bargy and Holyhead’s post-match celebratory banners these sides didn’t like each other.

On the way home I wondered when the Holyhead fans had made the banners. I surmised that nobody would actually go to the trouble of making a celebratory banner before a match, as nobody would knowingly tempt fate like this.

By discounting that possibility there was only one other possibility; the banners were made directly after the match. However the makers would need to work at a speed approaching light speed to produce a banner directly after the match. As an experienced banner maker I knew that working quickly doesn’t always produce the best results, they simply wouldn’t have enough time to make a legible banner of the quality that they produced.

This meant discounting the second possibility and reassessing the first possibility, which meant accepting the idea that some Holyhead fans made the banner in preparation for the match. I should applaud the decision of the Holyhead fans. When they decided to make a banner they made a good decision,  football needs banners!!  I applaud the fact that a banner was produced. I applaud them for the effort involved in obtaining the paraphernalia; the banner material, the pain, the brushes. After getting all the stuff together I can only applaud the effort in making the banner.

But, and it’s massive but, after clearing all the barriers they came up with that! (See Below) They used their time, effort and creativity to make a banner that references Britney Spears!!! I mean come on now people, you could have done better than that!!! I now want Holyhead to lose all their matches.




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