Shootouts, Blatter and Frank Carson

25 05 2012

Apparently Sepp Blatter is giving serious consideration to doing away with penalty shootouts. The BBC reported the story at 10:19 this morning;

“Fifa president Sepp Blatter has asked Bayern Munich honorary president Franz Beckenbauer to come up with an alternative to the “tragedy” of penalty shoot-outs.

Beckenbauer is head of the Football Task Force 2014, a group designed to recommend rule changes.

“Football can be a tragedy when you go to penalty kicks,” Blatter said. “Football should not go to one to one. When it goes to penalty kicks football loses its essence.”

He added: “Perhaps Franz Beckenbauer with his football 2014 group can show us a solution, perhaps not today but in the future.”

The Champions League final was decided on penalties this season; with Chelsea winning after Bayern Munich dominated the game. It was the 10th time that the European Cup final has gone to a shoot-out.

Zambia also won a major cup in a penalty shoot-out this season, beating Ivory Coast for the Africa Cup of Nations.

The World Cup final has twice been decided on penalties, with Brazil beating Italy in 1994 and Italy seeing off France in 2006.

Blatter referred to the “tragedy” of shoot-outs after Italy’s win, although four years later he suggested having all draws in World Cup group games ending with penalties.

The Swiss was speaking to delegates at the Fifa congress on Friday.

Fifa has revealed the decision on the introduction of goal-line technology will take place in Zurich on 5 July rather than in Kiev three days earlier, the day after the Euro 2012 final.

Hawk-Eye, a camera-based system, will be used by independent testers during England’s friendly against Belgium on 2 June, although match officials will have no access to data and the trial will have no impact on any contentious goal-line decisions.”

11 minutes after the BBC published its story, the Daily Mail ran with a slightly tweaked version, coincidence?;

“FIFA President Sepp Blatter has asked German great Franz Beckenbauer to find an alternative to the ‘tragedy’ of penalty shootouts.

Blatter told the FIFA Congress on Friday that football ‘loses its essence’ when matches are settled by penalty kicks.

Football ‘can be a drama, even a tragedy, when we go to penalty kicks,’ Blatter said. ‘Football should not go to one to one, because when football goes to penalty kicks, it loses its essence as a team sport.’

Chelsea beat Bayern Munich in a shootout last weekend to win the Champions League after the German side had dominated a game that finished in a 1-1 draw after extra time.

Beckenbauer, the former Bayern captain and president, heads FIFA’s Task Force Football 2014 panel which Blatter created in 2010 to improve football before the next World Cup in Brazil.

‘Perhaps Franz Beckenbauer with his Football 2014 group can present us with a solution, if not today then tomorrow.’

The task force has met several teams, but has shown little public interest in scrapping penalty shootouts.

Beckenbauer’s task force deputy chairman Kalusha Bwalya also has recent experience of a shootout.

Bwalya, a Zambian playing great, saw his home nation win the Africa Cup of Nations in February on a shootout after drawing 0-0 with Ivory Coast.”

The articles are rather similar in tone and content aren’t they? It’s all there; Blatter, Beckenbauer, “football 2014 group”, Zambia…….. There is one major way in which the articles differ however; their headlines. The BBC went for the sober angle;


“Sepp Blatter wants penalty shoot-out alternative.”

The Daily Mail didn’t opt for the sober angle;

“Why now, Sepp? Germans lose ONE penalty shootout to English and Blatter calls for alternative!”

The differing presentations of news within our national media certainly proves the wisdom of the late Frank Carson; it is all about the way you tell them!!!




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