Kit Design for dummies

22 05 2012

I’ve designed some kits for the AFC LOKOMOTIV LLANDUDNO JET SET.

Here’s the Home Kit;

Here’s the Away Kit;

For the home kit I thought of past glories; hence the round collar. I thought of Bangor City; hence the colour scheme. I thought of a Super Furry Animals single from 1996;

I was also inspired by one of the world greatest ever sports films, “Le Mans”.

Nothing implies “gallant, stylish loser” more than Steve McQueen’s character, Michael Delaney. If ever an idea has exemplified the concept of AFC LOKOMOTIV LLANDUDNO JET SET, it’s the idea of losing stylishly. The feeling that motivates our players out of bed is the idea of losing stylishly. We firmly believe that it’s better to commiserate on your knees than celebrate like a feckless gobshite with shocking manners. Winning joylessly without style is anathema to the Jet Set.

I carried on with the film motif  for the away kit but instead of merely using it an as inspiration I sat in the Jet Set’s high-end design studio and laughed at convention before throwing it out of the window. I simply applied the motif to the kit. The colours of the kit were chosen for two reasons; our giant flag is black and yellow and I wanted to pay homage to Elton John;

I suppose I better tell you how the kit’s made. The kits will be made be skilled artisans in workers’ co-operatives. They will be made out of the finest ethically sourced cloth known to man, Peace Silk.

Our Peace Silk is made via “A special manufacturing process removes the outer irritant sericin coating of the silk, which makes it suitable as non-absorbable surgical sutures. This process has also recently led to the introduction of specialist silk underclothing for children and adults with eczema where it can significantly reduce itch.” To put this another way; our players will feel simply divine when they set foot on the pitch.

The reason for designing new kits will be revealed in due course.




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