Some Matches

24 04 2012

The exciting times I’ve had since October meant that match reports were the last thing on my mind, here are some sketchy reports to make up for it;

Aberystwyth Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

Thanks to Cabs’ powers of persuasion I don’t remember much of this day after 1:00 pm. Cabs managed to negotiate a sweet deal in one pub; 4 pitchers of beer for £9, that’s £1.18 a pint. Consequently I was very nearly smashed on £8.40. In my hazy recollections I remember watching Arsenal versus Chelsea on TV, Aaron Ramsey played a decisive role in one goal for Arsenal. I remember telling someone that Rambo would do something here, then he did something!! I also remember John Terry, big JT (hero of the British people) feebly grasping  like Bambi on the ice. Then OOOF!!! he hit the ground like the fucker he is. I remember laughing hysterically. I think I may have decided to become an Arsenal fan.

As for Bangor’s match there was another reason why I can’t remember much happening;  nothing much happened. here are the edited highlights; we scored a penalty in the first few minutes, their keeper was sent off for throwing the ball at Chris Jones after he scored the pen, Idzi saved an Aber penalty, Les scored our second goal, it rained a bit.

Afan Lido 0 Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

For the second week in a row I couldn’t remember much. This time Alwyn’s rule was to blame. On the surface it sounded like a simple rule; “A journey to Port Talbot has a can minimum; five on the way there and six on the way back”. I followed it to the letter!! Several more refreshments at other points of the day led to more problems of recall. As in Aber there was a second problem for journalistic recall; there was another dull thud of a match. I detest the cloying greyness 0f a 0-0 result. In it’s way it’s the worst possible result, unless you need a 0-0 score to win something of course.  I especially detest 0-0 results where there’s virtually no action of note.

As for the rest of the day there were mere fragments; the stained glass of Port Talbot’s Central Hotel, the air of destruction surrounding Afan Lido’s ground, the delicious yet sloppy Piri-Piri Chicken baguette, the exceptionally rude ball boy, the fact Tesco were selling Christmas themed sandwiches at the start of November, the nice chips outside Crewe station.

Bangor City 2 Airbus U.K. Broughton 1
Welsh Premier League

Bangor were a bit listless and Airbus probably felt a little unlucky to leave Farrar Road with only a point. When we consider this match and add those considerations to considerations about last Saturday’s trip to Afan Lido there weren’t too many encouraging signs for the weekend’s visit to the plastic palace.

Bangor scored a very early goal and that was it for the first half. Airbus scored a stylish equaliser in the early stages of the second half. Les Davies scored the winner with about 15 minutes left. Not much else happened.

Llandudno Junction 2 Llanrwst United 0
Welsh Alliance

I went to pass the time and not much happened really. I saw Junction score two, if you’re interested.

XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 4
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.


Bangor City 4 Carmarthen Town 0
Welsh Premier League

With a scoreline like that you may assume that Bangor had coasted to victory but the first half was anything but easy.  Mind you if football was easy there would be no merit in winning. The score at half time was 0-0.

The subdued first half created a negative mindset in the Blue Army. We didn’t think victory was going to happen, we didn’t think we would reach the top of the table again (this opportunity presented itself because XXX XXX XXXXXX lost away to Afan Lido last night). Fortunately Bangor confounded us again with four good second half goals and we were on top of the league again, Huzzah, and indeed hurrah!!!

Newtown 2 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

You know that you’re not going to have a good day when the prospect of defeat enters your mind halfway through one of Les’ anecdotes at 11 am. I couldn’t quite the shake the perturbed feeling for the rest of the day.  I tried to laugh it off, I tried to sink a few pints, I tried to eat the lovely chips, peas and Cheese ‘n’ Onion fryit but it was no use, the grey clouds were still there.

Newtown may be the birthplace of Robert Owen and home to the best chip shop in Wales but Newtown is also the place where they watch you put all your flags out before telling you to put them all away again. They’re all heartless rule observers down there.

The fates proved my misgivings were correct when Newtown scored an early goal in the first half. After a while we noticed that ball boys were a fashion that Newtown had no time for. Unfortunately Bangor didn’t have much luck in front of goal during the first half and the drizzle arrived.

The second half was a bit better because Bangor scored but in the end my fears were proven by a wonder goal from Newtown’s G. Partridge. We were no longer top of the league.

Bangor City 2 Llanelli 4
Welsh Cup 3rd Round

It started oh so well!! After 50 seconds Kyle Wilson scored. Llanelli then equalised before Les scored our second. This was very encouraging as Bangor were playing some excellent football, we were passing the ball very well. We had Llanelli where we wanted them and it was good. A couple of narrow misses reinforced the view that it was going to be our day.

Then it wasn’t going to be our day. Llanelli somehow managed to gain a penalty kick. Johnno was the player adjudged to have fouled the Llanelli player yet he was the player lying injured on the ground. Needless to say the steely-eyed Rhys scored the penalty.

The match took on an unwelcome hue after this, the fact Bangor went behind in a match they had been dominating wasn’t the only thing that stuck in the craw, it was the events that led up to Llanelli’s third goal. Roughly 30 seconds after Johnno returned to the pitch,(after having been kicked up in the air) he was kicked up into the air again. Somehow the referee failed to see this obvious foul. The situation worsened rapidly when Llanelli received a free kick a few seconds later because of an innocuous looking challenge. The free kick led to the third Llanelli goal. Bangor should have been more than a goal ahead, instead we were a goal behind, who says football in fair?

The second half felt like it was over before it began, and I missed the first ten minutes of it. Steel-eyed Rhys scored his hatrick goal in typical unhurried fashion. 4-2 was an insurmountable scoreline to beat.

I wasn’t used to this, Bangor City hadn’t lost two Welsh Cup matches in a row for over 5 years. It all felt a bit odd, it wasn’t meant to happen like this!!! The script told the world that this match was the last ever Saturday match at Farrar Road, it was also the last ever Welsh Cup match at Farrar Road, we should have won.

On the way out of the ground we should have been walking through the glorious winter sunlight, basking in the glory of victory, instead we had to view the gap-toothed gobshite Chris Holloway perform his hyper-macho display of physical jerks at the side of the pitch, you know as if performing like that made him less of a fucking tool. There’s something about football that encourages bellends to act like this, I wish football would fuck off sometimes.

Bangor City 2 Bala Town 1
Welsh Premier League

The countdown to Farrar’s destruction continued, this was the last proper floodlit game at Ffordd Farrar.

The outcome was more like it, another win to keep the pressure on. Mind you this match didn’t start in the best way. After 6 minutes I was informed that Bangor had gone behind to a “fluky bloody goal”.

We didn’t play as much nice stuff as we could have in the first half but luckily Big Les came to our rescue. After about 30 minutes of wondering whether another chance to top the table would go to waste Les scored from close range. It was one of the good times where a goal lifts the tension immediately. We nearly scored again straight afterwards but didn’t.

The second half saw Bangor win and it wasn’t a “Just about” victory either, we well deserved the 3 points. The best moment of the second half, after Les’ second goal of course, was Sion 35 yard shot that smashed against the cross bar. Unfortunately the referee decided to book nearly every player.

You could say this match was a “fitting end” to Farrar Road’s evening entertainment but that would mean you probably don’t have a very good imagination. You would certainly have low standards if you considered  that statement was an adequate statement to describe such a match, In fact if you chose to say such a cliche I’d follow you home and shout things through your letterbox. Who do you think you are eh?

Port Talbot Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

So it was another trip south to see our comrades in south Wales. I thought it was going to be a solo trip until I got to Chester  (I hoped to bump into Gareth) so there was no 5-6 can minimum on this trip. I took the chance to improve my fruit and veg intake. My body was going to be a temple for clean living today.

At Chester Gareth managed to find a seat near me and the journey became very pleasant, when Julian joined us it became even better because Julian not only had good moider skills he had a bag full of old Bangor programmes from the 1950s (Julian’s dad used to play for Bangor Reserves) and as I’ve told you previously, I’m a sucker for old programmes. The programmes really showed how big Bangor used to be;  every first team match had a crowd of thousands, the supporters association had over 1,000 members and the programmes could complain that only 500 Bangor fans went to away games.

We arrived at the ground hoping to meet a few comrades, unfortunately there weren’t many comrades due to shift work. I was able to have a chat with Mark and ex-ref Ray Ellingham so I could feel a little festive cheer. When we took our places on the grassy slopes of Victoria Road we didn’t see much action in particular for a while, then Bangor scored two in quick succession, one of which Les managed to flick one in with his heel. Then Port Talbot scored when it looked like the ball hadn’t crossed the line, although my pitchside position wasn’t conducive to a proper look. 2-1 half time.

By half time the festive sun was low enough to cause acute blindness. Luckily the refreshing refreshments took our attention away from this uncomfortable fact. There weren’t any goals during the second half so all in all it was another great trip for the blue army, especially when you can have a chat with the opposition’s manager and fans. It was almost a party train on the way home.

Prestatyn Town 0 Bangor City 5
Welsh Premier League

Last season the relationship between the two clubs developed an extra little bit of spicy “Je ne sais quoi?”  There was a whole melange that created the spiciness; the hateful players that Prestatyn had playing for them, internet based idiots, the closely contested matches. Now that some players have left Prestatyn, consequently Prestatyn aren’t as good this season, two spicy elements have been diluted – The matches aren’t closely contested and the internet-based idiots are less verbose.

The best part from this match happened when Sion was just about to volley a shot. A millisecond after Les had seen what Sion was attempting he uttered the immortal words; “What’s he shooting from there for?” Naturally the ball flew into the top of the net. Based on last season’s matches this match felt too easy. We metaphorically cantered to victory in the freezing wind with some glorious football. Our new signing Damien Allen showed a lot of skill  so that was another good thing from today.

Conwy United 2 Guilsfield 1
Cymru Alliance

After bidding a final farewell to Farrar Road I arrived by Conwy’s ground just in time to hear them go 1-0 up.  I’d forgotten that Bangor had sent two players on loan to Conwy (John Owen and Eddie Jebb) but then I noticed Eddie unmistakable boots and John scored in front of me. I spent the second half getting cold and eating chips with John Owen’s parents.

Conwy United 2 Bangor City 5

It’s not often you see the players of one club score seven goals for two clubs in the same match but we did today. Bangor played some lovely stuff as frostbite set in. One goal featured some Brazilian flick and turns and this led us to”Olé!!!!!”  like a load of divs, or should I say, it led me to “Olé!!!!!” like a div.

Colwyn Bay 1 Nuneaten Borough 6
Conference North

Schadenfreude is a feeling well-known to football fans and I’m not immune to it, I try to resist the urge but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist. When Colwyn Bay were losing 4-0 after 25 minutes and 5-0 after 39 minutes I tried not to laugh, I tried to feel sorry for the well-turned out keeper, I tried to feel sorry for FA Cup winning hero Frank Sinclair. I tried to feel sorry but I couldn’t muster any sympathy I found it all quite funny. Eric and I stood there drinking it all in.

I’d never seen an FA Cup winner cast aspersions about a linesman before today but I’d never stood so close to Frank Sinclair before. I would have thought that a professional with twenty odd years experience would be able to handle decisions going against him but I was wrong. There were several other odd things about today; paying 9 whole pounds to watch Colwyn Bay and a well-known north Walean know-it-all asking if we liked going to watch proper football for a change (annoyingly the silly tosser of a know-it-all actually lives in Bangor). I hate blumming know-it-alls, they really cast a shadow over your day.

Airbus UK 1 Cefn Druids 4
Welsh Cup Semi-Final

I went out of habit as Bangor usually have a Welsh Cup Semi Final to play. I arrived at half time and Airbus were already losing 2-0. There was brief hope when The Druids scored a Physics defying own goal. Unfortunately for Airbus, a club I have a lot of time for, The Druids scored two more goals to remove the wind from beneath Airbus’ wings.



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