That’s no way to find out what happened!

29 02 2012

At first pressing the red button seems like a good idea. You might want to check whether Wrexham are still of the league, you may have the urge to find out who Queen’s Park are playing on Saturday, you may even want to see what’s on channel 301. You may see that Final Score is a viewing option like I did last night.

Things started to go wrong shortly after the thought “Hmmm, I wonder who’s playing tonight?” passed through my mind. I managed to disregard the garish colours and interminable moving text enough to notice that Bangor were losing 3-1 against a team that’s near the bottom of the league. My unease at this discovery wasn’t helped by the fact that I had forgotten that Bangor were playing in the league cup.

The unease became stronger…..

….and stronger.

Then my league cup dreams went up in smoke for another year. There nothing quite like stark facts for lessening the impact of a frustrating result. I’m sure that Newtown’s goals were all against the run of play. What a bloody way to find out your team has lost.

Now I’m not saying that the BBC couldn’t care less about Welsh semi-pro clubs but they had clearly forgotten that some Welsh clubs were playing last night. Neath v Llanelli kicked off at 7:30 but there was an information blackout until 9:29’s news flood;



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