The Destruction of Farrar Road

14 01 2012

I tried to resist the urge to visit Farrar Road but I couldn’t, I had to visit Farrar Road for the last time.

After standing in the middle of destruction it’s hard to get your head around the idea that only 2 and a half weeks ago over 2,500 people were standing on the Farrar Road terraces. I know time waits for no man but I can’t help but feel that certain people sent the diggers in with indecent haste.

We’ve been made to feel like stragglers at last orders, the heartless landlord sweeping behind us as he kicks us out of our favourite place before we want to go. That’s the trouble with Thatcherite society; the people with the power to make things happen know the cost of everything  and the value of nothing.

Here’s what you call progress;

2012 1 14 (4)



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