I now own a bona fide piece of history

2 01 2012

Oh yes I do!!

I’m not sure which piece of turf I own. I’m not sure if it was trodden upon by Paisley, Dalglish, Law, Best, Charlton or Fillol and I’m not sure whether Les, Sion, Brewie, Johnno or Nev ever trod upon this exact piece of turf either. I can’t say I care very much about any of that, I’ll just say that they all trod on my particular piece.

I may even go further and give my piece of turf a bit of historical significance. I may say that my piece was the piece that Craig Garside swivelled upon to score the league title winner against XXX XXX XXXXXX in April. I may say that it was the piece from which Jimmy Carberry scored the all-important ninth goal against Haverfordwest in 1994 or I may say it was the piece of turf from which Ken Birch scored against Napoli. I may even say that it was the piece of turf that I was standing upon when I flagged a Deiniolen player offside as a hastily trained linesman. Thinking about it I’m going to say that it’s all of these at different times over the next few years.

Now all I have to do is remember to water and trim my piece of history.



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