I’ve had a christmas card!!!

14 12 2011

The Football Association of Wales have sent me Christmas card. As you lot are people too I suppose they meant to send one to you to but you just happened to be on the wrong mailing list.

Here’s the card!!!

As you can see it’s flexible enough for you to be included in the glad tidings as well!!!!

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know Santa was Welsh either. I can’t work out if he either took advantage of the cheap kit deals at JJB (His elves must have embroidered the kit with the now obligatory match information) or he’s actually qualified to play for Wales.

I know the method of deciding the eligibility of players has changed but the FAW seem to be pushing their luck. I know Santa wasn’t born in Wales and I don’t think he has Welsh parents or grandparents, and as far as I know he didn’t go to school with Ryan Shawcross. The FAW are just asking for trouble with publicity like this if you ask me.

I don’t think Santa is international footballer material. Firstly there’s his physical condition, then there’s his headwear. If they banned snoods for health and safety reasons because they could enable player to be pulled back they surely wouldn’t allow Santa’s hat. You could almost guarantee that some n’er do well would attempt to pull it if Santa showboated the ball through his legs.

Flipping heck, I know Wales are short of players but the FAW can’t seriously be thinking of naming a rotund, and probably morbidly obese,  multi-national folk-figure in its international squads. Wales would be a laughing stock again.

Due to the fact I’m such a valued customer I don’t suppose I will be waiting too long for my West Ham-themed christmas card




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