The creation of folk devils is alive and well!!

13 12 2011

In the last few day I have been reminded that moral panics begin with gossip, innuendo and unnecessary worrying.

It all started last Friday when a soon to be traumatised fan witnessed something truly horrific (and who am I to doubt the veracity of what he’s saying);

I only go to Bangor for the odd evening match as I follow my local club on saturday. It is normally a good atmosphere but last night I want to point a couple of things out. Getting into the ground is a farce and be careful those attending on Dec 27th. One gate is ridiculous.Secondly Bangor City football club should offer an official appology to Bala Manager Colin Caton for the disgraceful abuse he received from a section of spectators in the stand directly behind his dugout during the 2nd half last night, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever. In fairness Bangor Stewards did move in and threaten to evict those guilty persons.The name of Bangor city football club gets smirched by a few idiots yet again.”

It was a bloody good job that this person was able to relay the news to everyone in north Wales via the Welsh Premier message board. People need to be warned of this latest heinous act. My god, in a fortnight Bangor City are due to play Prestatyn Town and you can only imagine the carnage!!!!! One Prestatyn fan was rightly worried and suggested the following solution;

“more importantly we need to ENSURE that these plebs are segregated at our ground after the abuse they gave Hunty, Gibbo and Dunty last season. I suggest they are herded up behind the Bastion road goal with a line of stewards directly in front of them. As soon as there is a hint of verbal abuse to any of our players or management team they are removed from the ground. They should not be allowed to swap ends or move from this location until the final whistle, whereupon they are escorted via the rear gate onto Bastion road!”

Hear, hear, we cannot treat recidivists like proper people can we? Yet another fan worried in this climate of fear;

“i’d say segregation for the 27th is a must.

not going to say that ‘Bangor fans are idiots’ or anything like that, because lets be honest, EVERY CLUB has its idiot supporters whose actions spoil it for the majority and often smear the name of their club.

lets generalise and say 5% (for example) of supporters at ALL CLUBS are idiots, this is only magnified at Bangor because their crowds are so much higher than other clubs”

I’m with the first worrier about Bangor City fans, I hate it when they go around smirching themselves.

On the other hand, what a steaming load of shite this all is. The first quote is from a witness of so-called vicious aggression yet I stood near the supposed location and didn’t hear anything vicious. The second and third posts seem to suggest that there is some kind of vicious rivalry  between Bangor City and Prestatyn Town. This is a load of crap.

Some Prestatyn fans might think there’s a rivalry but the feeling is not reciprocated – I can’t find a single Bangor fans that regards Prestatyn as a credible rival as Prestatyn is just too far away and quite frankly too small to bother with. The strongest anti-Prestayn feeling I’ve come across (I doubt you could actually call it a feeling as it’s so faint) is a mildly vague irritation that the position of the ground causes matches to feel a little breezy.

While some people have suggested segregation is needed between Bangor City fans and Prestatyn Town fans because of the inherent danger in that situation, reality presents a different picture.

Firstly, we’re talking about two clubs in the Welsh Premier League. Secondly, and more importantly,  there can’t possibly be a massive rivalry between the two clubs because the first teams of Prestatyn and Bangor have only played each on a competitive basis for the last three and a bit seasons (and for the first two of these seasons Rhyl were Prestayn’s big, local, rivals so we’re actually only talking about one season and a bit). A season and a bit is simply not long enough for a proper rivalry to develop. Especially when nothing untoward has happened in that time. 

Logically there shouldn’t be a rivalry between Prestatyn and Bangor and is this is borne out by reality, there is no rivalry. You simply can’t say there is a rivalry when Prestatyn haven’t been able to muster more than 30-40 noticeable fans for a match at Farrar Road.

If there is no real rivalry you may wonder why some people have called for segregation. This is where internet comes in!! Message boards are the magical place where abstract ideas are repeated so often they are reified into to a version of reality, even if the ideas are obviously complete crap.

The Welsh Premier message board, and twitter, have created an alternative reality in the minds of some people.  There were  personality clashes between individuals on the internet but that was all. Some people have taken these simple personality clashes to mean there is a deep rivalry between whole groups of people. This idea is simply idiotic, individuals never speak for groups as a whole. A few people not getting on should not to lead to more police turning up than usual.

I don’t know what these idiots are worrying because even if there was a rivalry, none of them would be in any danger anyway. The match on the 27th will be the last ever match at Farrar Road so each and every Bangor fan at the game will be more concerned with the fact that it’s the last ever game at Farrar Road rather than with the fact we’re playing Prestatyn. Apart from the potential 3 points to help with our title push, the game will be almost incidental.

I hate football fans, most of the time there’s simply no need to act in the way they do.




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14 12 2011

I don’t know, they do say empty vessels make the most noise. Will I see you on Saturday?

14 12 2011
Nigel Thomas Hunt

There are many folk devils at Pressgangtyn cyberpace. A truly dispicable bunch. Will they even muster a song at Farrar Road?

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