In Solidarity

25 11 2011

Yesterday there was a General Strike in Portugal. The General Strike was the response of the Portuguese workers to the austerity cuts their government wants to carry out. The Portuguese government, like most western governments, wants to punish its people for the behaviour of  the amoral twats working in the corporate world, as one Portuguese worker put very well;

Workers… are not responsible for what is happening”

A Portuguese Comrade asked me to make a flag in support of this General Strike so I gladly made one;

Even though the picture is dark and the letters were too dark (the flag is too thin and absorbed too much  paint) the gesture seemed to go down well;

“Uma forte saudação fraterna desde o Comité Editorial deste blog à rapaziada do “BCFC Jetset”!
A massive fraternal salute from this blog Editorial Committe to the “BCFC Jetset”!


I felt it was important to show solidarity like this. It may have only been a flag, a gesture, but it’s important to take a stand and show your support at times like these. The fight in which the Portuguese workers are involved is the same fight that British workers are involved in. We all have the same enemy; the deregulated market economy and it’s supporters.

Most governments support the deregulated market economy by not challenging it. To judge from the words of people like Osborne and Cameron politicians don’t want to even think about challenging this economic system, they seem to think that the market system is the best way to ensure universal prosperity and democracy even though it does the opposite; it gives amoral people the right to make gross amounts of money by using the capitalist system as a casino. Despite the fact these politician are elected representatives we select they act against us by failing to regulate the market economy. Instead of regulating governments find it easier punish their populations by cutting public services.

The rich obviously couldn’t give a shit about society otherwise they wouldn’t be rich. There is so little pressure on the rich to do anything remotely socially responsible they keep what they want without a second thought. The worst thing is that our government lets them get away with it because they share the rich’s outlook on society. Mind you this isn’t a new situation Karl Marx wrote about the same stuff over 160 years ago.

Over 3 centuries have passed since the Enlightenment yet there still seems to be a gilded elite ruling over us because they feel they deserve to. The laxity of every government has helped create a world where the rich think they have a divine right to be rich. They are so out of touch with reality that they say this kind of shit with a straight face;

“……………..Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was pressed during a court appearance recently on whether one of his partners was, in his opinion, rich.

“It’s hard for me to say whether someone is a wealthy person or not a wealthy person,” he said.

Lurking under the surface is the knowledge that “the rich” is a hostile term in this era. During the 2008 US presidential election, Republican John McCain declared he was not a rich man, despite owning several homes.”

I can’t work out how a person can become so cut off from humanity that they say they can’t tell how rich they are and then hope to get away with a statement like that. It’s no wonder the simple billionaire is constantly smiling at the camera. Speaking about amoral rich fuckers…….. Heather Graham lightly trod through the issue of pay differences this week. She treated the issue with a deftness that these challenging times require;

As a guest on Radio 4‘s Today show yesterday, Heather McGregor caused quite a stir, leaving presenter John Humphrys sounding surprised. For those who missed it, here is the wit and wisdom of McGregor, director of headhunters Taylor Bennett, not to mention author of the Financial Times’ Mrs Moneypenny column (in which she refers to her children as cost centres one, two and three).

On executive pay: “There isn’t such a thing as too much or too little.”

On the public complaining about high pay: “Anybody over the age of seven who says that things are not fair needs to have a reality check.”

On the Equal Pay Commission’s report: “Some of the suggestions are frankly barking mad, and one of them is to put an employee on the remuneration committee.”

When John Humphrys says that they do it in Germany: “Are we Germany? We might have been, 70 years ago, if it had gone the wrong way.”

 On worker representation on pay committees: “John, you have young children, you would not give your child a say on how much money you allocate yourself for clothes or for haircuts.”

 On the state of capitalism: “We do not operate workers’ cooperatives; if they want to work in a workers’ cooperative, everybody can move to Cuba.”

How the fuck can anyone seriously think that employees are child-like creatures whereas bosses are the all-knowing  deities.? It really should beggar belief but we’re living in a world where the rich are allowed to set their own values with impunity so this attitude doesn’t surprise.

The sad thing is that in our democracies if you try to put across a different point of view from the rich you are castigated. You are called children or you are told that your strike “….will cost jobs” and “cost the nation £500 million”. Your point is disregarded even though you are directly affected by government policies.

We should keep putting across the opposite message to show that there can be difference, that there can be change. Another world is possible.

By the way I’ve made the flag clearer for tomorrow’s match in Newtown.




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