Stan Collymore sticks his head over the parapet.

5 11 2011

Unless you have been held hostage in a network of underground tunnels you will know that John Terry, or to give him his full title “JT, Captain, Leader, Legend , saviour of the Queen’s spirit”, has been accused of racially insulting, or is it abusing?, another player.

Taking the slightly shaky slow motion pictures of JT’s lip movements as evidence it doesn’t look good for JT (Captain, Leader, Legend). If you think of his reputation it doesn’t look good. If you think of the way he come across on television in general it doesn’t look good. However until the case is proven one way or the other it’s a little unfair to judge an incident by the reputation of an individual involved in the incident, even if you already think the individual is an odious cunt.

(Forget the Terry Issue for the rest of the post, the rest of the post is about racism in general)

Thanks to seagull-like behaviour of the media (one swooping creature  is followed  by the rest of the flock)  this week’s big issue is RACISM. Look at all the people commenting on it!!! The general tone taken was; “The situation is nowhere near as bad as it was in the 1970s and ’80s”. When we compare today to that time the points made are undeniably true; there’s no banana throwing, audible monkey chants on TV or large recruitment drives for the far right.

Mind you, to anyone with any interest in football these are obvious points to make, and it is easy to come up with explanations; specific laws have outlawed racial abuse and abusive chanting, and the corporatisation of the football means that a negative image of football is unmarketable.

 Unfortunately some of the media decided to take a self-congratulatory tone about racism, the situation is radically better, especially in comparison with other places in Europe, and that was that. It was a little grating to hear after a bit. Can we say that racism is officially finished in British football, can we say that it has been eliminated in the minds of football fans?

You could highlight the England v Turkey match in 2003 as a worrying example, you could highlight the role of casuals in the racist EDL movement as another worrying example. You could say these examples are isolated examples, but you could also say they are examples where strength in numbers has allowed the racists to feel confident enough to say what they think.

Before this week I would have said that I don’t think that racism and racist thoughts have disappeared, I would have said that racist thoughts  are not expressed as much as they used to be, they are still being thought. “Thought not heard”. Then came Tuesday and Wednesday….. 

 Now I’d say that it doesn’t take much to allow the ugliness of racism to reappear. All you need is social networking media and you have a new method to express  racist feelings. After seeing the evidence this week on Twitter I think you can definitely state that racism is definitely is not dead as an issue, not in football and not in society.

This conclusion would be obvious if you had taken an interest in Stan Collymore’s twitter feed this week. To put it mildly he’s had to put up with an absolute torrent of racist shit. As Collymore said himself;

“I was called a n****r and a c**n. I was told my mother should be shot. I was told I should be lynched. Never mind that this scenario is taking us back to the 1970s, as some people have suggested. I felt like we were back in the 1700s.

And what makes it worse is that these people obviously have no ­problem with the things they were saying. 

I had messages from mothers, ­fathers, teenagers and students, ­complete with their personal profiles and pictures of themselves. Some gave their BlackBerry Messenger pin.

I re-tweeted some of the abuse to show that it was not just one or two morons responsible.”

It was so bad for Collymore that he tweeted the following to show the extent of the onslaught he faced;

“Called a lawyer mate who I asked to monitor my feed over last month. “At least 150 separate actionable offences under English law

I didn’t see many of the really horrible ones because Collymore shielded the rest of us from them. He did re-tweet some of the more reasonable ones (that’s “reasonable” in the Daily Mail sense of the phrase). The authors’ use of  Daily Mail-eque common sense prejudice was shocking enough that we didn’t need to see the real filth. Reading those tweets was a truly soul-destroying experience. One cunt compared racism to banter;

“sad sad man, have you heared of banter. As if he is going to be racist when most of his team mate are black or other origens”

One fucker mentioned the word “lynching”, as if the word didn’t have certain connotations with the dark side of American history;

“ would love to know what you know Stan, you obviously know the truth!!! Seems to me you’re looking for a #Lynching”

Another cunt didn’t mind if there was racism as long as you paid him enough;

“pay me the money these players are on and they can call me what ever they like. #putittobedstanley” 

Another cunt told Stan, a past victim of racism, that; 

“you clearly have a massive chip on your shoulder. Get Down off your pedestal and be constructive”

Other fuckers just wanted him to forget the issue of racism;

“change the record collymore concentrate on the football #justsaying”

– “yes we all know there idiots without you harping on about it. Change the record”

“The row on race is so boring. If everyone laughed it off and didn’t make a big deal out of it, racism wouldn’t even exist.”

I double-checked Collymore’s profile to see if he had said Terry was guilty or something equally incendiary for the  tossers to use as a justification but there was no evidence of anything like that.  All he seemed to be tweeting about was the issue of racism in football (as well as society in general). The strongest comment he made was a condemnation of an inappropriate song sung by the Chelsea fans. 

Like Stan said in his article, the really scary thing is that these people are ok with using racist language;  like using the word lynching in a debate on an emotiuonal subject when they are evidently unaware that it has dark connotations in American history. On the other hand if he is cognisant with the proper usage of that term it just shows there some obnoxious cunts in the world, and that of course is a terrible thing to consider.  

If you call the person writing racist stuff a racist, my god watch the claws come out then. Watch them squirm, and then say they’re not racist.

People don’t seem to be comfortable with issues about race. Thanks to the bullshit propaganda of the Daily Mail, Daily Express and tabloids the term “Political Correctness” (the idea that you treat people with decency) has become a rallying point against the perceived  social and moral decay that people think afflicts Britain.  The horrible atmosphere created by the right-wing press has rendered logical thought redundant and leads people to doubt simple facts and ideas. People are so unwilling to engage with the subject, or think clearly before expressing an opinion, that they come out with the most stupid crap;

“I just had chicken in black bean sauce. Does that make me racist?”

Where do you start with this? What kind of moron thinks that you can’t describe a black pen as a black pen? These morons obviously don’t understand how to use the English language properly. They can’t see that calling a black person a “b++++ c+++” is different from calling black paint “black paint“. These people should be banned from leaving the house.

The stupid cunt that wrote the last tweet I quoted couldn’t understand why Collymore had blocked him. Not only could he not understand the problem, his arrogance was fucking breathtaking;

“Collymore has blocked me. Clearly didnt like me daring to disagree with him.”

Yes he actually thinks that Collymore, and the rest of us, are the ones with the problem not him. If it wasn’t bad enough that these cunts try to justify what they typed other cunts have a very disturbing mindset.  They seem to see the use of racist language and racial epithets as part of a new game;  “Insults on Social Networking Media”.

I became so angry by what I was reading I challenged some of the people who sent Collymore tweets. While some gave the tired old justification “I’m not racist but….” other just insulted me;

“LOL nonce”
“Yeah it’s a word, like the word cheap describe you mum”
 With people like this it’s no wonder racism continues to be a problem. With people like this words lose their meaning because racist terms and racial epithets are bandied about as easily as “and”, “of”, “but” and “O M G”. It’s so fucking depressing to live in a world where cunts can communicate easily using language like this;
“give over about the racism shite who actually gives a fuck, #melter”
I’ll tell you what you little cunt I give a fuck, and people I know give a fuck, and people I don’t know give a fuck, millions of people I don’t know give a fuck 
 I just can’t figure out quite how some people get things so badly wrong. I really despise football for giving these twats a subculture to exist in.



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6 11 2011
Daniel Rhodes (@MrDanielRhodes)

“Taking the slightly shaky slow motion pictures of JT’s lip movements as evidence it doesn’t look good for JT (Captain, Leader, Legend). If you think of his reputation it doesn’t look good. If you think of the way he come across on television in general it doesn’t look good. However until the case is proven one way or the other it’s a little unfair to judge an incident by the reputation of an individual involved in the incident, even if you already think the individual is an odious cunt.”

So funny. And it’s starting to worry me how often I consider the only solution to this is that “These people should be banned from leaving the house.” (and switching off their electricity, thus returning them to their natural habitat, the cave.)

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