Some match reports

16 10 2011

Here are a few short match reports with photos.

Bangor City 4 Afan Lido 1
Welsh Premier League

It rained, we had a stall in the Deiniol centre before the match and I’m nearly 35

Airbus UK Broughton 2 Bangor City 4
Welsh Premier League

I bought a new pair of goalkeeping gloves with protective spines in the fingers, Airbus’ programme carries adverts for Everton FC matches, the Airbus keeper didn’t play well but wouldn’t accept my offer of christening my executive gloves.

Bangor City o XXX XXX XXXXXX X
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this afternoon.

Carmarthen Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

We listened to the Irish match on Irish radio on the way down and the commentator swore!!! I met two supporters of quality, Ianto and Rhodri, after the match, we ate Fish and Chips off plates on the way home.

Bangor City 4 Newtown 0
Welsh Premier League

It rained again and apart from the goals that was about it

Tranmere Rovers 0 Bournemouth 0
n-Power League 1

I bought the new Half Man Half Biscuit album, I discovered that a lot of Bournemouth fans like to wear the full kit to away matches, I bought match-worn Tranmere away shorts from 2006 for a fiver. (The shorts wore the number 8 and I was convinced that they were Jason McAteer’s. Three trustworthy looking fans on the bus, after a lengthy debate, had convinced me that he wore number 8 during the era of the shorts I was holding. When I got home and investigated things on the internet I found that they were Mark Rankine’s. I won’t lie I was a little disappointed they weren’t McAteer’s but when I found out more about Mark Rankine I felt honoured to wear the same shorts as him. Footballer’s short really do make you feel different by the way).

Bala Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

The road to Bala nearly made me sick, it didn’t rain, Bala sell Liverpool FC merchandise on the club’s stall, the match was the best warm up for Gruff Rhys’ show later that day (Y Niwl were also fantastic)

Bangor City 3 Port Talbot Town 1
Welsh Premier League

It rained a little, I got there a little too early again, Port Talbot did alright. I forgot my camera.

Wales U21s 0 Czech Republic 1
UEFA 2013 U21s European Championship

Not many turned up, the FAW forgot the CD of the anthems, the evening gradually became cooler.

Llanelli 2 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

I got up at 4 am, the train stations of Wales were deserted, I went to the Millenium Stadium (more about that later), the referee jibbed Bangor City.




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