A Welsh rugby fans’ diary

14 10 2011

Sunday 9th October

OMG, that’s all I can say O M G. I can’t believe that I saw them yesterday, they were perfect, really perfect and the moment was perfect. I saw them there in the shop window and I had to have them. They were perfect heels so I bought them. Now all all have to get is a handbag to go with them!!!

OMG I couldn’t believe the amount of people in town, you couldn’t move!! I went town early because I wanted a parking space but you should have seen the people around town in rugby shirts, or at least I thought they were rugby shirts. There were loads of people, then I realised then that Wales had been playing. The match had slipped my mind completely, even though my dad reminded on Friday .Just another reminder that I’m dotty!

The rest of Saturday was fantastic, I met up with the girlies and we had a great night out. Lots of goss and vino, lovely. The worst part of the night was seeing “Bitchy Tracy”. She was wearing the same dress as Rachel, O M G what a liberty. She must have bought it after she saw us in the queue for the tills in Debenhams. She must have that Rachel was holding it. O M G, what a bloody nerve that women has!!

Monday 10th October

O M G Everyone was talking about the rugby in work today. I tried to look interested in what they were saying but I couldn’t. I kept hearing the name Mike Phillips and I thought that was funny because I used to go to school with someone called Mike Phillips, I wonder if it’s him. Maybe it is but I always thought he was a bit short to be a rugby player, he was like 5 feet 3 or something and all the rugby players in my school looked about 6 foot.

I went out for lunch today and I saw Julie. She was great on Saturday!! We both agreed that “Bitchy Tracy” was still a bitch over skinny Lattes. OMG if only Rachel and Hannah had been with us it would have been just like Sex and the City!!! Julie said that I would soooooo be the Carrie of the group. OMG that was so nice when one of your bezzie mates says that.

When I got back to the office and they were still talking about the rugby but that’s men for you!! I went to Marks to get some for tea as I didn’t feel like cooking. I had this tomato and herb pasta dish and it was soooo delish!!! The Welsh news was all about the flipping rugby. I can’t get away from it!!!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 11th october 

O M G They’re still talking about the rugby and it happened last week!!! I tried to impress Dan in accounts with a bit of rugby knowledge I looked it up on google this morning but he already knew that Wales last qualified for a world cup semi final in 1987. He smiled at me though.

O M G this was fantastic. I’ve fancied the pants off him for ages. He kept shooting glances at me all day, it was like being in school again!!! I liked it.

When I thought about the fact I told Dan I thought 1987, flipping heck I was 7 then!! O M G How time flies!!!

Julie phoned me after I got home, she asked me if I had anything red that she could borrow for Friday. In her office they are having a “Wear red for Wales day” on Friday. She sounded excited by it and she told me that her man was so happy that she felt like she should take an interest. I told that I didn’t have a red top.

I turned on the news and saw that they were talking about how important the next match was. They interviewed one man and he sounded so passionate I thought maybe I should feel a bit more passionate myself. They interviewed a few more people and everyone was so happy and hopeful. I thought about everyone in work talking about it and I started to feel left out, maybe I could watch the match somewhere!!!

I phoned Julie again and we agreed to I’d help here go shopping for red clothes for Friday, well it’s not like she twisted my arm!  I thought we should invite Hannah and Rachel too, not only did they say yes, they suggested that we go and watch the game in a pub on Saturday. They felt the same as me!! O M G it’s like we’re telepathic or something.

Wednesday 12th October

Dan bought me a skinny latte today, O M G I think he really likes me. I mentioned my decision to watch the rugby and he seemed impressed. O M G I love his smile and the way his eyes sparkle!!

When everyone was still talking about the rugby I didn’t mind, now I felt part of it, now I felt could join in. Everyone was so excited; I hoped I would get excited too!!! I couldn’t wait til me the girlies went shopping. By the way it wasn’t the Mike Phillips I went to school with.

I counted the hours down to home time. O M G the time passed soooooooo slowly. Luckily I had Dan’s smile to think about. I plucked up the courage to ask him if he was going to watch the match on Saturday. He was!!! When I said that I was going to watch it too he asked if I’d like to watch it with him. O M G I was soo happy I was on cloud nine!!! I couldn’t wait to tell the girlies about my date with Dan.

When I told them my news my girlies were sooo happy for me. They suggested that we could all watch it together. The girlies would bring their men and it would be great. O M G This was good!!! Now all I needed was something red for Saturday.

The shops were packed with people looking for Welsh things and red things. We all found something red. Yes we all bought rugby shirts. Flipping heck they even do women’s sizes!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I’d gone from forgetting a match to being a proper fan in three days. O M G.

Everybody was in town looking for something. I couldn’t believe it when we saw “Bitchy Tracy”. I saw here through the window of Claire’s Accessories. She was holding a red feather boa and what looked like a red beret, she was also holding a Debenhams carrier bag, I’ll bet she had the dress I was wearing on Saturday in it. Speaking of carrier bags, O M G I can’t believe they’re charging 5 p for plastic bags now.

Thursday 13th October.

Carol the big manager told us today that tomorrow our company would be having a “Wear Red for Wales” day as well tomorrow. O M G that’s so great, I decided I must go and get some more things to wear for it tonight. O M G my card is going to melt!!

I told Dan about the idea of meeting up and he sounded all for it. O M G this was a relief as I worried whether this would put him off, I didn’t know if he wanted to be in a big group. He told me it was ok as we could always go somewhere on our own after the match. O M G what a boy I’ve found there. His smile was extra sparkly today!

Julie texted me in the afternoon to say that if “Bitchy Tracy” was making an effort for Saturday  we had to outdo her. I agreed to meet my girlies after work so that we could go and buy some lovely accessories for our outfits. OMG how exciting was all of this? I only had to find something for tomorrow now!!!!

By the time I good to town I was sooooo excited about it all, town was packed again. Rachel told us that she has seen women wearing sparkly cowboy hats and red, white and green feather boas on rugby days. When she told us we all agreed that this is such a good look. We decided that would be good for Saturday but not for work.

I saw a lovely red top for tomorrow, this was a good find as not only would it show my support for the boys (I think I can call them “the boys”, everybody else does!!) but I was on trend too. OMG I’m such a genius.  When Hannah bought a daffodil hat thing the rest of us weren’t sure but then she put it on and I thought it looked good. I may get one tomorrow.

I made it home in time for the Welsh news and I found out that Rhys Priestman, or something like that, wasn’t going to play for Wales. I’ll have to ask Dan tomorrow what this means for us, as I remember Dan saying something about him the other day. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ll be sooo proud to be Welsh!!!!

Friday 14th October.

O M G Dan looked fit in his rugby shirt. Even more O M G he said I looked good too. He told me that he was looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s happening, I’m sure I went as red as my top. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.

I really can’t wait for tomorrow. I spent the hours in work counting down the minutes to home time. It was agony, have you noticed how slowly time goes when you want something to happen, O M G!!!!

At lunchtime I texted all the girlies to see if they were excited about tomorrow and they were. Hannah suggested that we go out for some pre-match drinks because that’s what her man was doing. The other girlies agreed and so we went out for some vino and a bit more goss.

Unfortunately we saw “Bitchy Tracy” in one of the pubs. She was with a man, O M G what a minger!! It was funny to see her in a short skirt. O M G I never noticed how fat her ankles were sooo fat. We all had a good laugh about that!!!!!

The vino made us all giggly and we decided to become proper rugby fans. Rachel got her eyebrow pencil out and decided to draw a moustache on herself. It was sooo funny that we all did it. OMG we did look like rugby supporters!!!

Then some people were singing in one of the pubs and we joined. It was great to feel part of Wales, the singing, the rugby, the drinking. One bloke told us this was what it was all like tomorrow. Lovely, not only did we look like rugby supporters, we all had the shirt, we were out drinking, we were rugby supporters!!!!

O M G I’m sooo proud to be Welsh. This wasn’t even the vino talking I actually felt proud to be Welsh. I can’t wait for tomorrow we I watch the boys in action, playing our national game. Who knows I may even end up having a private celebration with Dan!!!! With any luck I’ll win twice tomorrow!!!! O M G That would be brilliant.




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