Word to the Farrar, G Dog, here’s the shizzle!

4 10 2011

As you can see from the photo Snoop Dogg is a Cardiff fan. Yes another celebrity has decided that Welsh people are cool, and who can blame them, Wales is cool.

Listen to snoop talk about cool Cymru and prize-winning swedes.

He’s really thrown himself into Welsh life too, he’s been looking for good chip shops.

Mind you before we get too excited I don’t think Snoop has journeyed down Sloper Road very often. He also seems to be a Liverpool fan……..

……a QPR fan……

……….a Manchester United fan………

……an Ajax fan…….

……and a Croatia fan as well.

Seriously though, it’s rather heart-warming to see that Snoop Dogg has invited an allotment owner to one of his shows. I’ve always suspected that there was more to gangster rap than guns and gold chains. 

There’s definitely something about Cardiff City as well; Ian Brown,

 Super Furry Animals

and now Snoop Dogg.

With Farrar Road about to be demolished we need to give the old girl a good send off. I think that Bangor City should hold a musical extravaganza and invite Snoop along to it. When I close my eyes I can see him in a Bangor City shirt. I can hear him speak; “Give it up for my man Gwyn Pierce Owen, my homie GPO has been the motherfucking heart and soul of Bangor City for years man, word to you my man!!”

As the man once said; “Plan it and he will come!!”



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16 10 2011
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7 10 2011
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