Act Local, think Global

2 09 2011

When someone dropped the bombshell that Bangor City were going to move out of Farrar Road in January I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.

We all knew it was coming as surely as ITV1 will  broadcast another shite programme, the shadow of the spectre was always on the horizon of our thoughts, but we thought we’d be leaving Farrar Road in May. We needed the extra few month to prepare a good send off for the battered old ground, we need to prepare mentally of course.

The move seems to be going through with indecent haste. Those fucking bast …….. (Legal ed – “Please don’t carry on”). After almost a decade and a half of insecurity,  failed plans, false hopes and botched planning processes it will take about 4 months to get the new ground, Nantporth, ready. What’s the rush like?

Obviously we want to move into a great ground, we want something befitting our status, befitting the memory Farrar Road. However at the moment – due to the original contract signed over ten years ago –  Bangor City will be only getting the most basic of grounds, a ground that will have just enough facilities to satisfy the F.A.W.s  licensing regulations. Yes thanks to the fuc…… (Legal ed. – “I’ve already told you”)

Bangor’s chairman and supporters’ association don’t want to leave it there. The home that we think befitting of Bangor will be fit for European competition. We want a big main stand, we want a stand all the way down the opposite side (the Menai Straits side) and we would like terracing behind each goal. 

We know this will take time. Some of the developments should have happened before we were due to start playing in the new ground but now the timetable has moved up a gear the ground will look embarrassingly half-finished instead of “smart”.

 The developments will take time because there are also two hurdle to overcome in order for the ground to be developed past the basic features;

1) We need sufficient funding.

2) We need to have successful planning applications.

Bangor City’s powers that be tell us the money can be found for the stands fairly easily through the F.A.W.  because  they’re looking to create a stadium in the north. We can also apply for grants. We can also strike up partnerships stuck with other local stakeholders like Coleg Menai to obtain grants. Potential partnerships would not only help us obtain grants they would, more importantly, draw Bangor City further into the community.

Then we come to planning permission. We were told in the supporters’ meeting last night that before we start thinking of new stands we have gain planning permission for a 3G training pitch. The artificial pitch will have three main plus points; it helps our new ground become a proper club, it will help finance the club in the long run and more importantly it enable Bangor City to  become further part of the community.

There is only one thing preventing us from building the new pitch; we haven’t had planning permission yet.

There is a planning decision due at the end of September but before this the general public have the opportunity to add their support for the application. With this in mind I wrote the following and sent it to Gwynedd County Council;

As a Bangor City fan I feel that the 3G pitch is a must for two points; 1. It will enable Bangor City, the premier team of Gwynedd, to develop further. 2. It would allow Bangor City to become a true community club.

 In terms of 1. – The 3G pitch would allow the local football talent in Bangor’s academy and reserve team to train and develop within their home area. This may allow more local players to become not only involved but also attached to the club and to the area. Generations of players stand to benefit from the existence of a 3G pitch.

With the existence of a 3G pitch comes potential of a successful Bangor City team that’s full of locally developed players – via the BCFC Academy – in years to come. If Bangor City were to compete in European competition with a team full of locally produced players this would generate enormous pride in the area, not to mention interest. The 3G pitch would make this more likely.

In terms of 2. – If planning permission were granted this would be a boon for the whole of the northern Gwynedd area. While there are facilities such as this in Deeside and Lladrillo College, there is no equivalent facility west of Llandrillo College. Northern Gwynedd is bereft of facilities such as this, not just from the club’s point of view but from the local community’s.

The new 3G facility could create links between Bangor City and Coleg Menai and this would further cement its role within the community.

There are worries that Britain is gradually becoming an unhealthy society. The 3G pitch would help encourage people in the northern Gwynedd area to become more active because top quality facilities would exist in the area.”

To which I was presented by the following automated response;

“Gwynedd’s Planning Authority acknowledges receipt of your comments. Your comments have been noted and shall receive attention.”

I must say I’m glad that my comments will be taken seriously, the power of the pen strikes again!

Well at least I’ve done my little bit. If you fancy doing likewise click here .




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