Upon finding yourself in second hand book shops…

5 08 2011

Yesterday I found myself in Colwyn Bay’s premier second-hand book shop and it was like a treasure trove. Firstly I found these two photos from Llandudno’s football history;

The photos were not my only, or my best, find. This honour goes to the philosophical opus; “Kevin Keegan: Against the World” (only 5 pounds!!!). To find such a work of genius in Colwyn Bay was a shock, but to say it was a shock would be a gross, gross understatement. After reading this treatise on the human condition I just don’t know how it came to  be disregarded.

Behold the gems of insight……

“It’s in grim Iron Curtain cities that character is proven……”

“A whole combination of factors are to blame (for England’s 1970s malaise); one of them in Wembley itself. We play our matches on a foreign ground……”

“Lawrie McMenemy…… said of the need for “seven roadsWeeper and four violinists”………..You need a gambler and someone who is the soul of caution. A girl-puller must be balanced by one of nature’s monks. You need a clown, and he needs team-mates prepared to be the audience. You need card schools, and a few fellows who prefer paperbacks. Drinkers should be offset by teetotallers, the nightclubbers by loving husbands who go straight home”

“I’m a fan of (Alan) Ball only as a player, for there are aspects of his personality that don’t appeal to me…….”

“Another drawback to the home international series is what I call the “treason factor”. In all the camps players’ tiniest weaknesses are being revealed by club-mates to men who will opposing them in League matches a few months later.”

“The English attitude – or arrogance, if you like “We’re being set up here, with everything to lose and nothing to gain.” Our team tends to feel like a champion compelled to meet a club player for a worthless prize……….”

“Put any international team in the world on a pitch and, if you like, disguise their strip. And I will bet that after five minutes of studying their play I will name their nationality – and be right 9 times out of 10”

“I’ve called the Russian a set of robots, look at this picture and see if you agree”

“……Luckily I had the last laugh again!!!!”

With such unpolished gems out there I’m off to hunt more of them out. At the moment I’m really anxious to find “Kierkegaard and Me” by Alan Mullery and “Contemporary Art Criticism – My Take” by Ronald “CHOPPER” Harris.

Get out there, there’s a whole world to discover!




One response

6 08 2011
Nigel Thomas Hunt

well well well the Jetset have excelled themselves once again -whom would have ever thought that in the back streets of Colwyn Bay on the shelves of a second hand bookshop that such a tomb of wisdom would be gathering dust.
‘You need a gambler and a soul of caution’ this revelation sends me to the bus station destination Porthcawl maybe there I could find A Barri John classic -fingers crossed.

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