“How UEFA broke one man’s heart” a postscript or “Impeach, Impeach!!!!!”

8 07 2011

I now have evidence there is a conspiracy against the Llandudno Jet Set.

First of all Honka nominate a ground with a 10,000 capacity for their second qualifying round match when their average is barely 2-3,000-ish. Then UEFA make their draw and Honka are magically playing at home in the second leg, the same week that Bangor City are in Helsinki (This is fishy because the Europa League draw took place after the Champions League draw). Then UEFA casually announce their plan to shift Bangor City’s match after the club had sorted their arrangements. It’s all adding up….

The concrete evidence comes from two places. 1. Tweets from TWO different sources on Twitter;

@EganRichardson .”….or have Honka play in Vantaa, they don’t need 10,000 seats. I’ll be surprised if they get more than a thousand for Häcken.”

“….club football isn’t big in Finland, “

“Is there a chance they’ve developed a passionate hatred of Bangor, and are doing this purely out of spite?”

@mirkobolesan“I think they’ve developed a passionate hate of @LlandudnoJetSet

2. A post on the When Saturday Comes message board;

“Last time Honka played a euro game in Töölö they got a crowd of about 300 and lost to an Azeri team. During the second leg against Nomme Kalju, one of the Finnish tabloids had an article on their website titled ‘will Honka humiliate Finnish football again?‘. They’re not massively popular over here either.”

I rest my case. It’s patently obvious that Honka has a vendetta against the Llandudno Jet Set. This will not stand!!

I move for the impeachment of Platini, who’s with me?

For the first step in this campaign I will make this flag for my Finnish trip and  I will proudly fly it during the Honka v Hacken match;



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