The Daily Xenophobe Speaks….

1 07 2011

Just in case you’ve been hiding in a large cave you need to know that there was a national public sector strike yesterday.

As a result we were subjected to misguided morons moaning on the news. For example, take one disgruntled patron of Driving Test Centre. He was obviously intending to use the Test Centre but couldn’t because of the strike. His input to the debate consisted of the following noises; 

“Thanks very much, whoever caused this…… – (Looks really exasperated) -…… can’t they see THE BIG PICTURE?”

Look you selfish moron YOU and your kind are the problem. It’s actually people like YOU that never see the fucking “THE BIG PICTURE” mate. People like YOU suffer a temporary discomfort and YOU think that’s a major problem for society. YOU have been TEMPORARILY INCONVINIENCED that’s all. People like YOU never stop to ask why the strike may be happening because the Sun or Daily Mail have done your thinking for you.

If he had read about the real reasons for the strike he would have known that  people were on strike was because of “THE BIG PICTURE”.   That fucker Cameron needs to see that people are willing to  stand up against his bullshit crusade against civil society. This will be democracy in action because nobody voted for this assault on the public sector through privatisation and cuts.

We all know that the bloke moaning on the news is just the sort of person that’s first in the queue to moan about the denial of so-called entitlements. It’s a shame he doesn’t feel the need, or have the ability, to see that people are fighting to save the mechanisms our society uses to ensure fairness (Education, NHS, Welfare State) before it’s too late. I’m heartily sick of people like this spouting verbal diarrhea. 

Needless to say the Daily Mail didn’t like the strike one bit – well why should anyone disagree with their Etonian Turd Reich. This is to be expected, middle England is full of cunts and The Daily Mail is the number one news organ for cunts. The Daily Mail are the standard bearers for the petit-bourgeois mentality that saw Hitler gain millions of votes and saw the housewives of Santiago banging their pans for Pinochet.

I thought the limits of good taste and decency were their limits as they seem to go on about this kind of thing all the time. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have limits. They managed to come up with the following disgusting story from the bottom of their purifying barrel;

“Girl, 13, crushed to death by a falling branch as she sat on park bench on the day her teachers went out on strike

A teenage girl was crushed to death by a falling tree branch as she sat on a park bench yesterday.

The 13-year-old, named locally as Sophie Howard, was out with friends on the day her school was closed because of nationwide industrial action.

After the 1ft-thick branch from a poplar tree in Yaxley, Peterborough, fell on her from the 50ft tree two doctors from a nearby surgery helped treat her.

The girl, who has a twin brother, was taken to hospital but died from her injuries.

Police had last night cordoned off the area of the park where the incident happened.

The girl went to Sawtry Community College which was shut yesterday as thousands of teachers across the country went on strike.

One angry parent wrote on Twitter afterwards: ‘she should have been safe at school, she was just sat on a bench talking with friends….it could have been my daughter.’

A mother-of-three who went to the park after hearing about the accident revealed Sophie’s parents dashed to the scene after the branch fell.

She said: ‘They called the mother and father and they came to the tree. The mother fell on the floor in despair.

‘The family and the whole community are devastated. The doctors tried to resuscitate Sophie for at least 20 minutes.

‘The fact is if the teachers were not on strike Sophie would have been at school and this would not have happened.”

What kind of thinking has gone on here? What kind of fucking muck-raking cunt is happy to earn a living peddling this kind of horrible shit? It beggars beliefs, how the fuck can they try to make political capital out of a tragedy like this?

The trouble is that wankers and right-wing twats lap this kind of stuff up.




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