Gove is still wrong, wrong, wrong

26 06 2011

This morning the Tory Fucker Michael Gove warned teachers…… 

“…….. against taking part in Thursday’s strikes – saying they risk losing respect for their profession.

Teachers are among up to 750,000 public sector workers striking over changes to public sector pensions on 30 June.

The strike, by members of the National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), is expected to disrupt thousands of schools.

The teachers’ unions are campaigning against changes to their pensions which, they say, will mean working longer, paying more and getting less when they retire.

But Mr Gove said he had been concerned for some time that teachers were not held in the same high esteem that they were in other countries – and although that had been changing in recent years, he said taking part in strikes could mean that respect is “taken back a little bit”.”

He wants parent to get involved in the dispute. Gove encouraged………

“…… parents to break this week’s mass teachers’ strike by volunteering to turn up and take lessons themselves.”

Or in other words “strike breaking”. He added more by clearly ratcheting up the rhetoric…..

“The one thing I don’t want to do is to ratchet up the rhetoric because I think it is important we get back to talking.”

However he warned the unions: “The public have a very low tolerance for anything that disrupts their hard-working lifestyles.”

Mr Gove said he believed it was “wrong” for teachers to contemplate strike action, unlike other professionals in the public services. 

“You don’t see hospital consultants going on strike and I don’t believe teachers and headteachers should.

“It’s within their rights, it’s a civil right, but I think it is wrong in terms of the reputation of the profession.”

What does he expect? That people will meekly roll over while he and his Tory chums finish off Thatcher’s project – privatising Britain and further  embedding the power of the rich. Instead of regulating the market economy  – an economic system that caused the Wall Street Crash, destroyed Harold Wilson’s plans in the 1960s, broke Britain in the 1970s, caused the ERM problems of the 1992 – (Where George Soros made 1 billion dollars) and caused  the problems that helped scupper Gordon Brown –  for the good of our society they are  propagandizing for it.

Well it is a system that helped the families of these gilded elitists become gilded. Naturally they don’t take it out on a system that turned them into made men, instead they want to  take it out on the rest of us. They want to downgrade the only power we have to resist their ideas – legal non-complience. This is the only way we can fight this grossly unfair attack on the public sector.

Interestingly they don’t feel quite the same about the groups that caused our economic problems;

“In a Daily Telegraph interview, Mervyn King questioned the bonus system and warned that failure to reform the sector could result in another financial crisis.

BBC correspondents say the remarks are significant because the Bank of England is taking over regulation.

Banking chiefs said they “respected” Mr King but disagreed with his comments.

BBC business editor Robert Peston said the interview showed Mr King had “little respect” for the banks.

His remarks come weeks after Chancellor George Osborne signed Project Merlin – The deal agreed that in return for the banks lending more money and showing restraint on bonuses, the government would not take any more action on pay and profits

This is a government that wants to spread the market ideology further into the NHS;

“The government’s plans to outsource more NHS services have left many in the public sector with a bitter taste in their mouth and the private sector positively drooling. In the coming years, an array of health services is likely to be outsourced despite little evidence that it would improve efficiency and make savings. This will see a push to further privatise clinical services such as radiology and pathology – the latter worth £2.5bn per year. The government has recently been in talks about privatising part of the NHS blood service to make it more “commercially effective”.

Even NHS Direct is in the firing line with Capita – a company reported to the Office of Fair Trading two years ago for allegedly overcharging schools by £75m for IT contracts – lined up to manage the contract, according to reports. Major off-shoring is also on the agenda. John Neilson, head of NHS Shared Business Services, said recently that the NHS should outsource the administration of procurement to call centres in India to save £20bn over the next four years. For private companies eyeing a slice of the NHS pie, it gets better: NHS Trusts may ultimately come under private ownership with many of the services they manage also outsourced.”

This is the world our Etonian masters want us to live in. They don’t want people standing up for themselves, caring about outdated ideas like fairness and justice, they want everybody to prostrate themselves further before the power of the market. They tell us it’s the only way through the present crisis and the “economic reality”. In the “proper reality” they are feeding us bullshit and carrying out their Thatchrite wet dream.  




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