The right hand doesn’t know what the mouth is doing.

21 06 2011

14:27 on BBC Website

Britain united for 2012 football

“Footballers from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England will be available for selection for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.

There has been opposition to all-British teams competing in London from every home nation apart from England.

But the British Olympic Association said an “historic agreement” has now been reached.

“It has been a long, six-year journey to get to this point,” said BOA chief executive Andy Hunt.

The last time Britain competed in an Olympic football event was in 1960, when the men’s side failed to win a medal in Rome after beating Taiwan 3-2, drawing 1-1 with Italy and losing 4-3 to Brazil.

Next year will be the first time a British women’s team will feature at an Olympics.”


3:45 on Twitter

@martynziegler: FA’s Alex Horne thanks the other FAs for their “understanding” – difficult to “understand” if they didn’t know of any such agreement…

@martynziegler: Welsh FA president Phil Pritchard: “We are not part of any agreement. The FA have no authority to speak on our behalf whatsoever.”

@martynziegler: SFA president George Peat: “I am absolutely astounded. I know nothing about any such agreement. We want nothing to do with this tournament.”
The link? – @rburgessbbc: “Interesting timing for the BOA’s statement on team GB. No agreement from SFA + Welsh FA. 1.7m Olympic football tickets go on sale on Friday.”
@blogdroed: “Can’t believe that sport journalists who have spent the last few months lambasting Fifa now tell us it’s ok to accept their word on TeamGB”
To put this simply, if Team GB happens a precedent will have been set.
If that happens everybody that wants to support a national team representing “our” country will be sharing their passion with the EDL and the BNP. 



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