I’m not saying the FAW are rubbish or nuffink

12 06 2011

Usually I leave  FAW-bashing to the paranoid conspiracy theorists. Of course the FAW are by no means perfect but then show me a hierarchical sports organisations that is. They are all prone to cronyism and wrongheadedness from time to time. There isn’t much point getting angry about their lack of prowess as they never mean to do things wrongly, gaffes just happen, administartors are only human after all. Besides the FAW does the things they need to do – organising the Welsh Cup and making sure the members of the national side all have the same socks – well enough

My view of a  benign FAW has shifted slightly in the last forty-eight hours. The loss of faith started on Friday (more about that later) and developed yesterday, after I had been in sustained contact with the Welsh Premier League Trophy (I actually held it on the evening we clinched the title but I can’t remember the finer details of that moment. I remember the trophy was a rather heavy blunt object but nothing more.) In the past I thought the trophy was was rather striking; an imaginative use of a plinth, polygons and metal but the past is a different country.

After studying the trophy’s form for a whole afternoon I can say that it closely resembles an ashtray on a stand that’s been left out in the rain. This once proud trophy is now in a shocking state, battered, scratched and bruised.

It’s a bloody ropey trophy to spend a whole season trying to win but it’s physical state is not the worst thing about the trophy (Indeed by using the prism of Welsh history you could actually say the trophy’s conditon reflects the turbulent economic history of Wales, maybe the FAW could say this in a glossy brochure) upon closer inspection I noticed the lazy FAW bastards haven’t engraved the names of the winners after 2008;

After I noticed this the trophy put me in mind of an unloved  Tuesday darts league trophy; once gaudy but the erstwhile gold coloured plastic is now green and one of the darts has been snapped off.

Now for the next piece of FAW treachery against polite society. Just after the trophy appeared Ish handed me a picture frame with the instruction “You can raffle this, they’ve got it wrong”. I wondered what he meant so I turned the frame over. It was one of those embroidered pieces of velveteen fabric that the FAW dishes out to the champions as a victory pennant. I have seen them in other clubs and it was usually a nice touch. I looked more closely at our embroidered piece of material, it proudly told the viewer that “Bangor FC” were Welsh Champions;

Unfortunately “Bangor FC” are from Northern Ireland. “BANGOR CITY FC”  have just won the Welsh Premier League. You’d like think that our national association  would get the name of one of its member clubs right.

As I hinted up there, Friday’s news was perhaps the most damning evidence against the FAW. It emerged that John Deakin wants Bangor City disciplined for their audacity in allowing their captain, Jamie Brewerton, to stand on the newly crowned League Champions’ platform whilst he was suspended. Deakin was so incensed that he wanted to award Jamie another two match suspension for the heinous offence of being happy. The ban was thankfully thrown out but if it had stood it will have been harsh, incredibly mean-spirited and just downright wrong; in effect Jamie will have been punished 3 times for the same offence. Here’s the background story….

Originally Jamie received a 2 match ban for a deserved red card against Prestatyn in February. About 7 weeks after the Prestatyn match the FAW decided to suspend Jamie for a further 5 matches because of an alleged incident that involving the little shit Neil Gibson, Prestatyn’s player manager. This incident is said to have  happened between the foul and the issuing of the red card. The  FAW’s decision meant that Jamie was not only  suspended for  the Welsh Cup Final but also the title decider against XXX XXX XXXXXX as well. To me it seemed that the FAW made this decision with indecent haste and indecent timing ( ten days before the title decider). It was fromulated via an odd process as well.  According to their own rules on disciplinary matters offences have to be reported to the FAW within two days. Yet this decision was taken after;

“……..carefully considering the WRITTEN AND DVD EVIDENCE SUBMITTED, the Panel decided that the charge against Jamie Brewerton be proven.”

 The whole episode is  seems rather shabby and petty as there are many incidents that are unseen by the match officials and remain unpunished. Basically Mr. Deakin wants to punish a player with a nine match ban for a single red card. We can only guess which nefarious person sent in the damning evidence.

I met John Deakin once, on the way out of Stebonheath, and found him to be pleasant enough. He didn’t seem to be the pantomime villain looking to ruin Welsh football that the urban myths had suggested and I had  partly believed. He came across as an enthusiastic, if bumbling, administrator.

I have reviewed my judgement; now he comes across as a petty and vindictive little fucker. You can stick your Summer football where the sun doesn’t shine Deakin, yeah Wales in the summer. (Wait a minute this joke doesn’t work properly….). I seem to remember that Laurent Blanc was allowed to lift the world cup whilst he was suspended for football but that’s just the world cup I suppose.

Talking of irritating officials I see that Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of Celtic, has been laying into Swansea’s promotion to the premier league;

“But Wales now boasts a Premiership representative and Lawwell sees the irony.

He said: “It is interesting to see Swansea are now in the English Premier League.

“So it’s now the English and Welsh Premier League and that’s an interesting twist.

“From Celtic’s point of view, we have a responsibility to maximise the potential of our club and will look at anything which allows us to do that.

“In the meantime we will play in the SPL and hopefully emerge dominant and re-establish ourselves in the Champions League.”

Do us all a favour Pete baby next time do a bit of research  about the history of Welsh football clubs first, you could ask Joe Ledley or Adam Matthews for help!!! You see Pete, Welsh clubs have been involved in English leagues for about 120 years and they have played in English cup competitions for about 140 years. Therefore THIS IS NOT NEW!!! You only need to take a brief glance at the annals of football history to find that Swansea and Cardiff have both played in the top division of the English system in the past and there were no reports of birds falling from the sky.

Pete baby, the connection between Wales and England was based around  the need of Welsh  clubs to find opponents. After a while the Welsh clubs that could sustain themselves in English leagues  became assimilated into the system. For years nobody really cared about it so it became second nature to think of English and Welsh clubs playing in the same competitions. The only interest it provided was a little quirk here and there.

More recently internet-based morons have decided that Welsh clubs are unworthy of a place in English football, seeing a further dilution of native English culture. Pete I beeseech you, don’t go down this road!!! Pete think about the history of Welsh clubs and try to come to the same conclusions as a normal person. Unfortunately if you did this you’d miss out on all that headline creation.

You see Pete, your desire to move to the glorious premier league has no basis apart from profit envy. It’s not about fairness and equality within the British constitutional settlement, there is no historical precedent and you’re not a victorian football club trying to ensure progression via competition. It’s all about the Thatcherite pursuit of market share. Do us all a favour, take your Daily Mail moral equivalence and do one. If you’re going to speak Pete baby, please give us your take on other matters. Share your thoughts on FC Vaduz’s position in Swiss Football, or on how Monaco are allowed to play in the French league, or on how it’s weird that Queen’s Park still play in Hampden and Berwick play in the Scottish system etc etc etc.



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