Who would have thought that

10 06 2011

At present I am a supporter of the 273rd best club in Europe. 

Knowing this information forced me to wear a satisfied expression, put my feet up and twiddle with my braces. Yes I was so happy I turned into a smug businessman from a crap American sitcom. I was playing air guitar to Aerosmith because in my conservative estimation of there are 1250 clubs playing at the top level in Europe into account. What a feat, high five guys!!!!

So Bangor City find themselves in 273rd place in the European Club rankings (up from 290!!!). In this place of high importance Bangor City are sandwiched between the Liechtensteiners of FC Vaduz (274th) and Bosnians of FK Borac Banja Luka (272nd). I noticed that we’re slightly above Skonto Riga (278rd). I also noticed that  the world famous Honved are the 247th best team in Europe – another example of fading glories when you consider Puskas et al. Rather interestingly our opponents from last year, Honka and  Maritimo are ranked at 231st and 124th respectively and the Jet Set favourites, Rapid Vienna, are ranked at 114th.

Even though the news about Bangor is enough to make one stop and say “WHOOOA DUDE!!!!!” I don’t think we should break out the champagne just yet. Within the context of the rankings Bangor are miles behind Man United, Barcelona and Chelsea;  Bangor’s ranking points total is 1.924 whereas United’s total is 125.832.

The same countries that monopolise the last eight places in the Champions League are the same countries that monopolise the higher end of the European club rankings, or to put it another way, it’s further evidence of the corruption of equality in UEFA’s competitions

Clubs gain more ranking points the later the round they play in so the  richer clubs are automatically going to gain more points each season. How the hell can a club in Bangor City’s position ever hope to be an equal to the clubs at the top?




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