But who’s watching the fans?

7 06 2011

Over the last few weeks I’ve been basking in the glow of glory and golden thoughts. Mine eyes saw the glory and I’ve been reminded that football with a soul has a future. The nagging sensation of “it’s too good to be true” was proven when the glorious glow began to lose its lustre. Morons and their wily ways were my unwelcome cold shower, football fans can be irritating can’t they?

Morons have caused me to worry that if football is left in their hands the profit-seekers will inherit even more of the game. Morons are simply not the best custodians of football (I don’t mean to undermine their human right to be a consumer by saying that). For example Norwich have just been promoted to the Premier League yet some morons can’t have a day off and be content with their lot.

Earlier this week Bryan Gunn announced he was leaving the club. WSC takes up the story;

“While widespread praise was posted for every on-field contributor in Norwich City’s promotion to the Premier League, a Canary legend was suffering something of an online kicking. Former Norwich City goalkeeper, manager and inaugural inductee of the club’s Hall Of Fame Bryan Gunn is leaving Norfolk to pursue a directorial role at a sports agency in the north-west. The first few hours of message board posting on the subject were positive. After all, since moving to Norwich from Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen in 1986 Gunn and his family had become part of the fabric of Norfolk life.

His two-year-old daughter Francesca, who died of leukaemia, is buried in the county and Gunn was a servant of the club on and off (minus a year at Hibernian) for 23 years. In 2002 Gunn was named Sheriff of Norwich in recognition.

Gunn was the goalkeeper who helped steer City to top-flight placings of fifth, fourth and third. It was he who brilliantly denied Adolfo Valencia of Bayern Munich in the possibly the club’s greatest ever victory in 1993 (2-1 away in the UEFA Cup) and kept goal against QPR days after his daughter’s death. In a Football Focus poll of Norwich heroes the twice Player of the Season finished first.”

But this followed;

“However, it was Gunn’s brief reign as temporary manager (from January to July 2009 as City were relegated to League One) and manager (July to August 2009) that, for many, seems to have eclipsed all else. The local paper’s football message board The Pink ’Un featured such departing shots. “I can’t help but think of him as a joke nowadays,” said one. “He really let the club down as a manager,” said another. “I’m afraid this took the shine off any of his achievements for me – big time,” claimed another critic.

Suddenly the social media used to get Gunn the job (a “Make Bryan Gunn Norwich Manager” Facebook petition following Glenn Roeder’s sacking collected 3,000 signatures) was undermining a reputation that took all of Gunn’s adult life to establish. Bear in mind that at 4-0 down at home to Colchester (in what would be a record 7-1 defeat in 2009) Gunn had already received two plastic missiles, in the form of half-a-game-old season tickets, launched at his dugout – and that would have cut deep.

Within a week of the Colchester capitulation, Gunn was sacked by new chief executive David McNally. Many were relieved that a genuine Norwich legend had been spared any more pain. However for some it appeared that only a literal spearing would suffice for his six months as boss. Then, when Gunn announced his departure from the county, what appeared to be a generational divide opened up. “He was a sponger who has delusions of grandeur… and because of this we all paid for it… Tributes my arse.”

What more did he have to do for these ungrateful fuckers? Instead of rejoicing some people would rather denigrate a notable figure from the last 20 years of their club because of a 9 month period in which he tried to serve his club to the best of his ability. Even though they are now in the premier league, and can’t get any higher, they can’t let go of the past with a shrug, they can’t treat it as a chastening step on the ultimate road to glory. Somebody has to be held accountable, I’m surprised they haven’t called “Claims Direct”.

These morons don’t deserve access to polite society never mind season tickets. I’d suggest an immediate period of electro-shock therapy in a cultural re-education centre but that might be regarded as a bit too “nanny-state”. Where the hell do they get off demanding success like this? They fail to even grasp the basic football fact that each competition can only be won by one club – they don’t even share the charity shield any more – therefore not every club can be successful. Some clubs even have to lose and defeats are sometimes unlucky.

The thing that makes you truly despair is when football fans get it right they often come at it from the wrong angle. Somebody that doesn’t like Blatter wrote something on the wall of a facebook group I don’t remember joining;

“Sepp Blatter has just claimed that he realises football is for everyone, not just his organisation. All you have done since you were elected in 1998, Blatter, is make yourself and a load of your homies stinking rich and taken football away from the fans by installing such ridiculous prices and sponsorship deals. You say you have revolutionised football since your time at FIFA – but what good has any your work brought to the public and those people that actually make the game what it is – the FANS. Fuck all. International football is now rubbish thanks to you. How good was France 98. How shocking was the last one. Cannot believe so many nations are still continuing to back him, something needs to be done. Or am I just another sore English loser? In any case, lets all hope for BRUUUUNNNNO back at city.”
Yes that’s all very well and good but I wonder if this person cared about the governance of world football before England were denied the chance to host the world cup last December? Aside from a ranty paragraph  what’s he going to do about the amoral football elite? Is he going to disown elite football and throw himself into grass-roots football? Well, to judge from the above, probably not. He’d probably settle for an exciting world cup.
It’s probably safe to suggest that he doesn’t really care but to give him his due he’s probably not too different from every other fan. In a month or two he’ll begin a rant;  “Well in an ideal world of course I’d…….” before becoming distracted by the footballing superheroes showboating on TV like the other self-described football fans.
All the self-described football fans seem to care about is whether Wazza / JT / Stevie G  scores against the Scouse twats / Arseholes / Manc bastards. There are hundreds of thousands of these drones just casually consuming, limiting their thoughts to the possibilities of banter with their mates. Take the moron with which I allowed myself to be drawn into a twitter argument last week.
It all started when a moron from Porthmadog slagged off Ash Williams for being so crap at football he was a pro………
@LlandudnoJetSet I’d rather be called a glory supporter and pay to watch the world’s best players than piss poor league of Wales football”
When I put it to him that he was being ripped off the moron came back with;
@LlandudnoJetSet its not great value its cost me £700 going to just 7 United games this season but when you love football and a team pay it”
Q. What kind of idiot realises they’re being ripped off and still goes along with it?  A: A football fan.
These people make me ashamed to be a football fan. Football is not safe with them, they have the attention span of a 3-year-old and a magpie’s eye for flashy things. In answer to the dude that asked Blatter what had he done for the fans – “those people who actually make the game what it is”  – on facebook, people like you allow those like him to get away with it by buying his type of football. You make me sick.



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3 08 2011
Definite hope for the future « Llandudno Jet Set

[…] The worst thing about the market model of football is its toleration by the people it’s ripping off. In the last 20 years the idea of the market in football have been spread in a really seditious way, burrowing into the consciousness of fans through the media. They now represent the false consciousness of the fans because they feel they have to go along with it all because they “love” their clubs, something I found out fairly recently.  […]

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