The epitome of Gall

27 05 2011

Most good people know that the MK Dons are inherently evil for several reasons; their crime against football,

 their owner, “Pete” Winkleman , is an aging rocker, their more intelligent “fans” make videos like this;

The list is almost endless. These facts turn the events of last Saturday into music for the souls of every true football fan. Last Saturday Wimbledon (I’ m going to drop the AFC) were promoted back to the football league. The fact they are a fan-created club only adds to their allure.

When I say anyone with a soul this obviously doesn’t include the legitimisers of football franchising. These legitimisers are the sort of people who swallow the bullshit produced by visionaries – the kind of people that use phrases like ” Blue Sky Thinking” in proper conversation without quite understanding what they actually mean – and then come back for second helpings.  They say it all it takes for evil to prosper is good people to do nothing. These moral vacuums not only affiliate themselves with the Winkleman dream, they fund it.

In case you are in any doubt that these so-called fans should be treated with contempt just should pop along to their  message board and your conscience will be clear. The people on that board are like the characters that don’t know they’re dead in the films of  M. Night Shyamalan, the main difference is  these twats  have yet to realise their soul is missing. Some of them have the actual audacity to think that they are real fans of a real club but to be far to one of them,  “calpedon”, he did actually seem quite nice for a person without a soul. He wrote that;

“so…. congratulations to AFC Wimbledon gaining a place in the league, i personally feel it is a tremendous efffort, a truly fantastic achievement…. obviously there is still the hatred between both sides, although i can imagine both clubs have a majority of new supporters who couldnt give a toss about the past…. with this in mind, is now the right time for us to drop the Dons part of our name?”

This is obviously a reasonable idea but there don’t seem to be too many reasonable “fans” of the MK Dons. There certainly aren’t many penitent ones. Take  “mkdons4eva”, he stated that;

“Being an ex wimbledon fan, i would be completely gutted if we dropped the dons part of our name. Its part of our history, and it needs to remain! Its not a completely new club, everyone knows our past and the dons part of our name is there to show that.”
Don’t let the little fact that the move was detested by every right-thinking football fan in Britain put you off dude. The others are just as bad;

Camdenite” wrote; “For the sake of everything that those who followed the team up the M1 went through, the name has to stay. Always thought that and always will.”

“Corleone” wrote; “Just for the record, if they dropped the Dons part of the name, my season ticket would be returned the next day, along with every bit of Dons stuff that I own.It’s our history and to deny it would be to betray everything we’ve been through up to now.

“voxish” wrote; “It doesn’t especially bother me either way. I’ve got no connection with Wimbledon whatever (apart from having watched them several times at Chelmsford and Brentford in a past life). That’s life accept it and move on.

If everybody else can see the MK Dons abomination for what it is why can’t these morons? The cheeky bastards even think they had to go on some kind of necessarily hard journey to get to this level of hatred. In case you weren’t following, it was the journey that caused the hatred morons.  Just to show that you can’t debate with the soulless here’s what “cobbler rick”  (a Northampton fan obviously) wrote:

“so how many Wimbledon fans still watch mk dons? not many i think”

Here’s how “Mkarmylad” answered that;

“well sinc ei heard 500 last, and wonder how many cobblers fans we nicked as well

just remains the fact the media are now all over afc, but when did anyone care about them before it all happend

Then for years no one pays notice to them again but then sunddelny there about to get promoted to the football league and bam everyone jumps back on the bandwagon. and 6000 supporters go to the final, when they get what 3000 home, hmm”

He also added this a bit later;

“Nice to see neutrals think that this sounds petty, I think AFC in the league will start to make more enemies than friends”

This guy displays the sort of thinking that every decent football fan should fight against with every fibre. He has no knowledge, he has a selective memory and he glories in the ability of the MK Dons to pinch fans from other clubs. This prick is even proud of his MK Dons tattoo. On this board his signature is;
“Been dons fan since 2004,Mk dons tattooed down my forarm…..”

I’d put money on the idea that  this “lad” started the “Sign On, Sign On….” chant at the Tranmere match last autumn. The poor lamb probably thinks this is how football fans should behave.

Looking through all the message board crap was actually good for my soul, it’s good to be reminded of what us righteous ones are up against.



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