A-ha!!! So that was the cause

12 05 2011

It was just after 3:45 last Sunday when I knew something was wrong. About ten minutes before this Bangor had scored to half their deficit. Things were looking good for the double again now the score was 2-1!! Just after 3:45 Llanelli scored their third goal. They promptly scored their fourth goal about 5 minutes later. Then I knew that Sunday definitely wasn’t going to be our day.

I cursed my bad luck. I cursed each Llanelli goal. Why had we lost? Why had we lost?……… I just couldn’t understand the outcome. Why? Why? Why?………

All the way home I tried to formulate a reason. We’d stopped in Builth Wells on the way down, we’d gone to the Halfway House pub before kick off. We’d done all the right things. What had caused our defeat? Was it the fact I hadn’t worn my usual red Welsh Cup Final polo shirt? Was it because I’d forgotten to wear the talismanic Soviet slouch cap? I just couldn’t work out. Luckily we travelled north on winding roads so my mind became occupied with repelling vomit.

It wasn’t until today that I developed an adequate theory to explain why we had lost. I didn’t wear my usual red Welsh Cup Final polo shirt because I was wearing Bangor’s new shirt. It was so new it even had “Welsh Cup 2011” embroidery. A-ha!!!! This was it, the reason Bangor lost was…….We wore a new kit.

Look at the evidence;

1985 European Cup final – Liverpool move from umbro to adidas, they lost. __________________________________________________________________________

1987 FA Cup final – Tottenham unveil new kit, they lost.


1991 FA Cup final – Tottenham unveil another new kit, Gazza ruined his knee


1995 FA Cup final – Everton unveill a new kit, they WON


2006 Welsh Cup final – Bangor City unveil a new kit, they lost.


2011 Welsh Cup final – Bangor City unveil a new kit, they lost.


So that’s 5 out of 7 finals lost because of a change of kit, we have our reason.#


# – We’ll overlook the fact that this idea  is undermined because Llanelli also wore a new kit on Sunday (as Rhyl did in 2006.)




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