A contour here, a glimpse there

11 04 2011
Bangor City 1 GAP Connah’s Quay 0
Welsh Cup Semi Final

Some days are memorable, some days are forgettable but in both cases you’d actually need to remember something happening, there’s there’s no magic equation, there’s no special formula, it’s just a matter of remembering. Considering that this match was a Welsh Cup semi-final it should have been memorable, unfortunately I can only provide the merest whiff of events.

I remember that the blue masses arrived in Rhyl en masse because I was in the middle of them. I remember that we all arrived at 10 o’clock because I saw the clock in the station. I know that we all proceeded towards a bar Julian had suggested because I remember that thinking “My my, drinking at 10am on a Saturday, this is odd”.

If you were looking for clues as to why my Saturday recollections remain detail-free then our morning in the pub is probably a good starting point.

I remember the outline of conversations but that’s about as far as I can go. I remember that the sun was relentless on the way to the ground, and remained so throughout the first half.  I have a vague idea that Bangor had more possession and a couple of good shots in the first half. The second half seemed a bit more colourful and I definitely remember some shots. I also remember Connah’s Quay attacking more. Chris Jones scored the winner with a fantastic shot but I didn’t realise how late in the match it was.  Anyway, I knew that Bangor were through to another Welsh Cup final.

After the match I remember the atmosphere was rather jovial, it wasn’t even spoilt by a Rhyl fan chanting at us. I’d assume it was a good day all in all.



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