Do you want to see my badge collection?

9 04 2011

Earlier I saw this photo on this website.

If you look closely at the Inter shirt Javier Zanetti is wearing you will notice that it’s covered in shirt furnitture. Thanks to Italian tradition and the modern way of doing things we can see Inter’s present status.

At present Inter are; 1. World Champions (The gold shield in the centre of the chest), 2. European Champions (The navy badge on the sleeve), 3. Italian champions (The shield above the nike swoosh – “Scudetto”) and 4. Italian Cup Holders (The cockade under the nike swoosh – “Tricolore”). In case you’re wondering the other badge is Inter’s club crest.

In days gone by it was so different. You would only see a Scudetto;

a “tricolore”,

a star (worn by clubs that have 10 championships),

or a combination of them.

Of course they may have worn a plain shirt,

or they could have worn a club badge.

But then was then, they were less complicated times.

The clutter of the contemporary Inter shirt is yet another sign of the commodification of world football; the modern badges signifying glory are expensively designed and copyright protected. 

Inter’s present shirt is yet another thing that makes you pine for the good old days, the time before “the man” discovered that everything needs a corporate identity.




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