I was misquoted guv, honest

25 03 2011

On the eve of a Wales v England match, which slant do you prefer?

1) Phil Jagielka’s

“…..Jagielka believes that “only three or four” Wales players would be good enough to make the England squad.

The Everton defender may partner John Terry in Saturday’s Euro 2012 qualifier as England aim to move top of Group G.

But Jagielka is wary of Wales and added: “But how many of the USA team would [make the England squad]? Not many. Australia. Same again.”

2) Steve Morison’s

“England are the ones that should be nervous – they don’t know what to expect from us, they don’t know me from Adam – if I am playing.”

If you’re like the Jet Set then you’ll go for the second opinion.

Phil Jagielka has been in the England squad for all of five minutes yet he sounds like an experienced hype-spouter. This begs the question; what exactly do the FA tell their squad? “Right son, we’re the best and everybody else is crap, just give off the air of a colonial governer in interviews”

Call me odd but I don’t think that someone who was won 6 caps in the 7 years since they left the u21 set-up, and probably owes his place in the England squad to injuries, is probably the most suitable person to be saying who is good enough to get into international squads.  Would Phil be good enough to get in the Brazilian, Spanish, or German squads?

This kind of comparison is not altogether watertight. Phil, who only” may partner John Terry”, says the USA’s squad is inferior than England’s yet  the English team could not beat the Americans in South Africa.

Why do “the English” keep doing this? why do they wish to remain in the vicious circle of hype and disappointment? I prefer the outlook of Steve, they do say the secret of happiness is low expectations.




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