The possibilities, the possibilities

20 03 2011

When it comes to football matches there is one truly neutral moment;

This moment represents hope, it represents possibility. This moment gives the supporter the chance to dream, the chance to wonder. This moment offers the possibility of watching something special, something unforgettable, history. “We could….”, “We can…..”, “What if?”, “We can beat these twats!!” “COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

This moment also offers the possibility of false hope. It’s the last moment before things start to unravel, the last-minute before your dreams start to turn sour. It’s the time when your carefully formulated ideas are still following the plan….. It’s the time when the little voice in your head starts  feeding you doubts; “I don’t like this!”, “Oh bollocks, I thought he was suspended”, “I forgot our right back was injured”, “Why have we dropped  him?”, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”, “Oh Jesus, that dirty bastard is playing”, “Please let us get through this ordeal with a win!!”

Yesterday the positive and negative voices vied for my attention in a battle of attrition. This battle seemed a long long way away by the end of the match; The 5-a-side club professionals from the non-football club had oozed their way to victory. The braying simpletons in the stands taunted us as if they were proper fans of a proper club. If they were cogniscent of basic etiquette these idiots should be making public displays of contrition for not only tolerating this crime against football, but for justifying this marketing wet-dream of a football club.

Having said all that, we’re still top of the league, at the moment.




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