Footballer in “He’s Normal” shock

18 03 2011

The Jet Set can reveal the following exclusive news, some footballers are normal people;

“Stewart Downing, the Aston Villa and England midfielder, was forced to disclose how he spends his income to York crown court on the second day of the trial of his former agent……….His home cinema cost £45,000, an extension £30,000, a walk-in dressing room £6,000, a new bathroom £6,000 and a conservatory £45,000. He also made gifts to family members totalling about £180,000”

Who can honestly say that if they were a person with a passion for cinema, and a load of disposable income, they wouldn’t build themselves a home cinema? Unfortunately we can’t  draw any conclusion about “footballers” from Stewart, within the same story the following line appeared;

“Manchester United’s Nani has invested a proportion of his wages in a life-size marble statue of himself

Apart from dictators and roman emperors what kind of person  actually wants a fucking marble statue of themselves (at least dictators and emperors have absolute power and a God complex). You need a mile-long narcissistic streak to actually want this sort of  ostentatious vulgarity. Mind you a lot of players seem to think they are “playas“. M’lud I present the automobile of El Hadji Diouf esq.;

Obviously footballers are not a monolithic group and  it’s unfortunate that the “playas” hog the headlines. But that’s the trouble with the mass media. They think that we want to hear about the bling and the scandal, they think we don’t want to hear about the steady nice players as it would be boring. They don’t ask us first, they just present this idea as “fact”. 

They never think we might not be interested do they?




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20 03 2011
Around the Grounds – 14th to 20th March 2011 | One Match Ban

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18 03 2011
Thinking of Oscar

Nani is really 49 years-old and keeps his statue in the loft.

As for Downing, Cineworld in Junction didn’t cost that much to build!

18 03 2011
D. Walsh

I read this earlier in the week, but hadn’t heard about Nani. I’m guessing his statue will be lying on the floor with it’s hands over it’s face 😉

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