Message Boards aren’t what they were

15 03 2011

Earlier today I logged in to the WSC message board and noticed that someone had left me a message. It was a bit of a surprise to find that the message was as follows;

“You do come across on the forums as a bit of an arsehole – just saying.”

It had been sent by somebody that I’d never met. This person obviously didn’t agree with something I posted but as I don’t go around insulting people I wondered what had made them react like that. I think it may have been the way I questioned their Daily Mail-esque postings but I’m not sure. After a little investigation I realised that this person may have a chip on their shoulder; other people had received messages like this as well.

This is the trouble with message boards, people can use the anonymity of a username as a mask to allow them to act in ways that are totally alien to their “normal” lives. Yesterday, on a different message board I indulged in another discussion with another person that I’d never met, he also seemed  to hold a different point of view. First of all, he insulted the Jet Set’s flags;

“Donnt mention the flags haha!! BLUE army written in BLACK on a RED VIETNAM flag!! :lol: :lol: viva le Che, the communist mass murderer!! Communist filth!!”

I put him straight over the flag’s history and attempted to put him straight on other matters. He came back with;

“I do not need the history of Cuba, thanks. This is Britain :roll: Although I do now realise why you use the flags you do. I dont agree with communism/internationalism etc… I believe in National Democracy! So we would obviously disagree.

Franco haha :lol: The fact is, you are glorifying a mass murderer (regardless of what side of the political spectrum he falls) The same goes for the guys that have posters and t-shirts of Che. Its like me bringing a flag of Benito Mussolini to games! (im not a fascist by the way, just an example) Whats next for you guys then, flags of Lenin or Moa Zedong???” 

Again I attempted to put him straight (with the help of comrade Rude Bwoy) but he came back with;

“I have absolutely no interest in South American politics, communism is irrelevant to me as it will NEVER take off in the UK. I cant take you guys seriously, the 2 communists I know are absolutely bums and despise the people that do well for themselves (ive heard there conversations, amusing to say the least :lol: ). Losers turn to communism because they havnt done anything with their lives. I’ve encountered the Socialist workers party in swansea, all bums! Grow a pair and stop blaming the upper classes ffs!”

I tried to put him straight again. He didn’t come back today.

You have to ask why he bothered in the first place, neither of us were going to change our minds. In the end I just felt annoyed that I was dragged in. But that’s the annoying side to message boards, they draw in all manner of idiots

Be careful with  message boards, it’s a jungle out there!




One response

17 03 2011

Don’t worry, people think nothing of stopping by and telling me how shit they think my blog is.

I’ll agree with your correspondent about your political heroes though, they’re no Maggie Thatcher.

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