Did yesterday really happen?

13 03 2011

When you’ve spent 10 hours travelling to South Wales and back, when you’ve had a drink in a surreal pub full of buxom models and surreal philosophers in a mist-shrouded village on the way home, when  a friend of yours has been called “Wanker” by a player from a south Walian team for the second game in a row, when you’ve had put up with signs that treat you like idiots;

When you have dealt with all that you can say that you’ve had a full day, and that’s without seeing the end of the match!

When you add the following to your already full day your head may become combustible. It starts when your club is leading 2-1 in the last of the 4 added minutes of play, yet the match doesn’t end when the fourth minute ends. The match continues for a few seconds more, then a few seconds more, then a few seconds more. By the time it gets to the sixth minute of injury time you will have seen the referee award Llanelli a corner. Then you will have seen Rhys Griffiths head the ball home in the SIXTH minute of injury time.

Yes just to complete your day you will have seen Rhys Griffiths score in the SIXTH FUCKING MINUTE OF FOUR FUCKING MINUTES OF FUCKING INJURY TIME. Fuck Football.

Anyway here’s Stewart Lee with some interesting points, I’m off to shout at something.




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