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23 02 2011
Prestatyn Town 1 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

I felt trepidation before this match. Bangor had not won at Bastion Garden since Prestatyn’s promotion but I tried not to think that that  Prestatyn was an “unlucky” grounds, it’s irrational, a ground is an inanimate object. I tried to content myself with the idea that Prestatyn’s “effective” approach was the main cause for worry. But when I remembered the knowledge that  XXX XXX XXXXXX had dropped two points yesterday, and now this match represented a very good opportunity to gain an eight point lead, ideas of luck re-appeared in my mind. Were we too lucky at the moment? The situation appeared to be too good to be true.  I decided not to acknowledge Eifion this time as I didn’t want to feel even worse about our chances of getting a result.

Again the teams entered the pitch via a gap in the blue army hordes. Alwyn and I couldn’t go to the same place as last time so we just stood behind the others. Consequently I didn’t see as much of the game. I managed to see glimpses of Bangor and Prestayn missing half chances, a half view of half chances.  One thing that I  managed to see clearly was “Dunty’s” aggression towards Les. It seems that Les had challenged for the ball when it was a yard too close to “Dunty”. “Gibbo” seems to encourage pointless acts of bravado and aggression in his players. 0-0 half time

The first twenty minutes of the second half was dominated by Bangor. We had nearly all of the possession and looked dangerous, this obviously frustrated Prestatyn. They decided to fling themselves at Bangor players.

Firstly their right back pole-axed Smithy with an “agricultural challenge” but the referee chose only to book the player from the seaside recidivists. Then Bangor would have scored if “Gibbo” had not flung himself at  a Bangor player like a presidential bodyguard onto a grenade. A millisecond before “Gibbo’s” self-sacrifice Bangor hit the bar with a shot. At this point it looked like we were going to win!!! To add to our sense of an impending victory “Gibbo” decided to smash the ball at us when the anger haze descended, the ball narrowly missed. “Dunty” found this to be hilarious. We think they are proper bunch of twats but we should remember that pointless aggression is their oxygen and make allowances.

At about the hour mark Lee Hunt scored for Prestatyn. He ran off  like a scally leaving a supermarket with a DVD player under his jumper, which seemed to be an apt analogy for the second half. I thought that it was going to be one of those days but after minutes of dark thoughts Bangor were still in the match.

Dave Morley somehow scored at the far post. The goal was scruffy, it wasn’t a clear header, it didn’t make the net ripple but it didn’t matter Bangor were level even though I had lost my balance in the celebrations.

A couple of minutes later (which actually felt like ten minutes later, Einstein is sooo right about the elasticity of time) Dave Morley had the chance to score another goal. The ball was in front of him, the top left hand corner of the goal was inviting, I could see it, Dave could see it!!!

The ball lay there still, momentarily still. The ball lay there, motionless  and full of promise. The  elation-creating potential of this millisecond would have been evident to even the most cynical and jaded fan. Then Dave swang his right leg backwards.  The ball left his foot and curled toward the goal, “Dunty” had left that fatal gap for goalkeepers and he was too far away from the space but he still attempted to make a save. The ball’s parabolic journey rendered “Dunty’s” gesture futile, a mere token towards the historic role of the custodian. When the ball hit the net the satisfaction and joy was barely utterable. “Dunty” didn’t feel the joy and sought to salve his frustration by smashing the ball at Bangor’s celebrating players, more pointless aggression from the recidivists.

After heroic deeds and joyful brilliance one should pause to contemplate their significance in the cosmic scheme. Prestatyn’s Philistines chose to interrupt philosophy with chicanery – not only did they continue with their attempts to score but they succeeded  in getting a Bangor player sent off. Karma awarded Bangor the victory, huzzah!


Bangor City 3 Nantlle Vale 2
North Wales Coast F.A. Challenge Cup Rd 4

A rather enjoyable evening spent in rather charming company.

A good game, humour on the terraces, cheering away fans, a fantastic, and out of the blue, long-distance last minute equaliser, an extra time winner straight from the halfway line, fantastic saves, a goalkeeper with a sense of humour. You couldn’t ask for more from a midweek regional cup competition.



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