Some matches

21 02 2011

I’d like to make one thing clear; I still go to matches. In fact I’ve been to a few in the last couple of months, here’s a brief update.

Bangor City 2 Prestatyn Town 1
Welsh Premier League

There was a sense of disorientation around this match but it wasn’t related to the indistinguishable days of the festive period.

Firstly, the north Walian landscape was covered by proper snow this year, incidentally the same snow that prevented Bangor’s trip to XXX XXX XXXXXX. Since the snow fell every journey on foot in Llandudno felt scripted by Boris Pasternak and it was a situation to which I could have become accustomed to quite easily. The snow’s eventual disappearance was almost as sudden as it arrival but while Llandudno awoke on Monday 27th to verdant playing fields, Bangor’s pitch was still frozen.

Secondly, the match was rearranged for Wednesday 29th and a Bangor match on a Wednesday is very a odd thing indeed.

The pitch looked great thanks to Mike the groundsman but the touchlines seemed to be embellished by the remains of the exploding marshmallow man in Ghostbusters. Here’s a brief overview of the action that mattered; The match was frustrating even though Bangor approached it as a ravenous man approaches a turkey and cranberry sandwich. Basically we were all over them but we couldn’t find the killer blow, for example Bully hit the post from 3 yards. Dunt made some great saves as well, for a “Big Chap” he’s surprisingly spritely. Prestatyn created a few chances of their own so we couldn’t sit on our laurels. 0-0 half time. After about 10 minutes into the half the away fans cheered a Prestatyn goal. Chris Jones volleyed Bangor level one minute after that. Bangor scored the winner when Dave Morley stroked home a penalty.

The penalty seemed rather soft  but this wasn’t the first decision that the officials perplexed the crowd with. For example, at one point the ball was at Eddie Jebb’s feet on the touchline yet he awarded Bangor a corner. Then there was the failure to deal with Prestatyn’s approach; if a pass was played towards a Bangor attacker you could almost guess that a Prestatyn player was manhandling him. Hayes seems to favour two techniques of defending;  the “hug” and “rugby tackle”. Rather infuriatingly the referee decided to award Hayes a single yellow card for continual fouls but award Chris Roberts a second yellow card for kicking the ball away

He’s an odd character this Hayes; rather verbose when demanding restitution from the referee but willing to sidle off sheepishly when he’s caught transgressing. When I say “odd character” I obviously mean “wanker”.

The unbeaten run was still intact!

Prestatyn Town 4 Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

During the last match Prestayn proved to be a handful thanks to their play and their generally aggressive/committed (delete where appropriate) approach. It was enough to give you an unpleasant pause in your thoughts.

Even with an unpleasant pause I was feeling confident as I strode up to the turnstile. Then I saw Eifion, the friendly neighbourhood steward from Bangor. He began “I have a feeling…” before pausing for an eternity and then finishing the sentence with “……we’ll lose today, Prestatyn looked good on Wednesday didn’t they?” Thanks Eifion I was expecting some moment of hope but you give me despair. To make matters even worse my Christmas trainers were now muddy.

The players entered the arena at the claustrophobic end. The gladiators entered the arena through the middle of  the five deep blue army intellectuals. Some Prestatyn fans tried to be funny but the humour was lost under idiocy. Alwyn and I found a space just in time to see Reedy score with a header. Just the start, screw you Eifion!!

You could see that the Prestatyn players were fired up for this match in the way they ran and tackled, it was as if they knew our unbeaten record was about to end. The demeanour of the Prestatyn right back said it all. He wore a steely expression at all times and had obviously been ordered to “get into them” by his charming manager. Several times he made the kind of statement that Vinny Jones is fluent in, intimidation by getting that little bit too close after the ball had gone.

Two bad goal kicks presented Prestatyn with their opportunities to go into the lead and they took both chances. 1-2 half-time.  Bangor equalised early in the second half. About five minutes after the goal the ball was in the box again, all Garside had to do was sidefoot it home….. He missed. Almost immediately Prestatyn scored again. They scored a fourth goal late on and our unbeaten run was over. The walk to the car felt empty as I pondered the meaning of “new year”.

Llanelli 2 Bangor City 0
Welsh Premier League

Thanks to November’s and December’s weather problems “the powers that be” made the great decision to extend the first part of the season. The first part of the league was supposed to finish on the 15th of January but it will now supposedly finish on the 5th of February.

We all thought that the FAW might see sense and schedule this match  for a weekend as Bangor’s part-time players wouldn’t have to take a day off. Unfortunately the FAW reverted to type. They scheduled this game a Wednesday and Llanelli’s local derby with Carmarthen for a Saturday. You’d like to think that a measure of planning, allied to a sense of fairness, went into the fixtures but there we have it.

I was unable to travel and  internet-free so I had to rely on texts. Two texts did the damage to my hopeful mood.

It’s an odd feeling waiting for a football text to open, will it be good? will it be bad? The anticipation is almost unbearable. The first one said we were losing 1-0, the second said it was 2-0, a third told us that Brewie had been sent of for “a soft decision”. In hindsight maybe it was a good job I didn’t go. Four days, two defeats.

Mid-week news

After two defeats in a row morons flocked to message boards to  talk about wheel falling off and bubbles bursting. When the club announced that they’d accepted a bid from York City for Reedy this was just further evidence for the idiots.

I have had a tendency to think about the non-league system as some kind of rose-tinted idyll but  it seems that non-league football is just like “proper football”; the ill-informed idiot stalks like a moronic predator. Thank you members of the Welsh-Premier message board  for shattering my innocence.

Incidentally Jamie’s statement to was quite nice about Bangor;  

“Its really nice to be at a Club where I can have the opportunity to improve as a player and show the fans what I can do and hopefully score alot of goals along the way. I enjoyed my time at Bangor, I was there a year and a half and got myself a cup winners medal and I couldnt have asked for any more from them, they are a good Club.”

Fare thee well Jamie and thanks for the good times!

I didn’t feel very positive the morning after this news, were the morons correct?

Bangor City 6 Haverfordwest County 0
Welsh Premeir League

Just when we were looking to get back on track we had a good turn; their keeper suffered dislocated fingers in the first 5 minutes. Mainly thanks to this good fortune we were winning 5-0 by half time. I felt for their stand-in keeper as the Goalkeeper’s Union prevents gloating (apart from the extenuating circumstances of Lee Kendall’s presence) unfortunately this didn’t stop others taking the mick.

We only scored one more in the second half. By the end I felt  a bit unfulfilled that the match didn’t end 14-0 to Bangor. My desperation to see Bangor score double figures outweighed my union membership, shame on me!

Colwyn Bay 3 Bangor City 1

It was free, it was cold, it was damp.

We scored first, our new keeper played well and I had a nice chat with Phil.

I forgot my camera again.

Newtown 0 Bangor City 1
Welsh Premier League

This was supposed to be our last game before the split into mini-divisions but it wasn’t. Thanks to our little slip-ups XXX XXX XXXXXX were metaphorically breathing down our necks. We all knew there could be no slip ups but there was nearly one today.

The day was damp and cold, the play was insipid and stilted, the chances few and far between.

The longer the second half wore on the more it looked like XXX XXX XXXXXX would be getting a present. None of us could see a way to victory. It was all over, our glory days were over, the morons were right.

Then, in the last minute Craig Garside smashed the ball in. We should have known that would happen.


XXX XXX XXXXXX X Bangor City 2
Welsh Premier League

A match happened on this evening.

Llandudno 1 Penrhyncoch 1
Cymru Alliance

Standard fare from the Alliance, bluster and a bit of skill.

This match was enlivened by what the football mandarins call simulation. Llandudno’s number seven was guilty of high pitch screams twice after challenges. 30 seconds later he was ok.

In the second half Llandudno’s number nine was obviously hurt by a challenge, he looked pained and motionless. As he was 2 yards from the touchline the referee quite reasonably asked him to leave the pitch for treatment. The number nine had recovered enough to shoot incredulous glances at the official. Then it was ultimatum time, “Go off the pitch or there’s no treatment!!” The number 9 casually dusted himself down and strode towards the halfway line like a man nonchalantly returning his library books. Maybe he’s called Lazarus, or maybe he’s just a cunt.

I never though I’d live to see gamesmanship in the Cymru Alliance.

Bangor City P Haverfordwest County P
Welsh Cup 4th Rd 

I got to Bangor at 12:45 and the game was called off at 1:00 due to a frozen pitch.

It could have been worse I could have been among the Haverfordwest players. I could have arrived at 1 o’clock after a 5 hour drive, with the prospect another 5 hour drive shortly. Or I could be David Cameron.

Bangor City 5 Haverfordwest County 3
Welsh Cup 4th Rd.

It was all routine stuff, the rain fell and the referee was very much undecided whether to play the match.

The ref was fixated by one section near the halfway line. In the offending area the bounce of the ball was slightly muffled. Surely he wouldn’t call it off again, would he? If he did call it off again Bangor would lose their home advantage.

As volunteers cleared the pitch of excess water, the ref spent 20 minutes throwing a ball into the air and watching it thud.  In this health and safety obsessed age the sensible solution seemed to be sticking a “Caution Wet Pitch” sign on that part of the pitch and playing around it. Mind you we’d need a sign for the first  sign and to rope off the affected area. The furrows turn to smiles when the pitch was finally declared fit for usage.

The match was routine. Bangor scored after about twenty minutes and it rained. The pitch slowly turned into a bog but it didn’t stop Bangor from flowing like a river of rainwater in a gutter. We just failed several times to add to our lead. Haverfordwest could have scored themselves but didn’t. Stupidly I stood in the rain with the other ultras and because my clothes were ultra absorbent I was ultra damp in the club shop.

After about 15 minutes of the second half Bangor were losing 3-1! The goals sort of crept up on us. Our beliefs were shaken, the grey clouds mocked us. It wasn’t meant to end like this, a few mistakes on a damp pitch.

Then crash bang wallop, Bangor were 4-3 up by the 80th minute. This was a match to make the blood flow and bring a tingle to your mood. Darren Moss scored our fifth goal on his debut. Nice, nice.


Llandudno Junction ? Llanrug ?
Welsh Alliance

Thanks to the spilt in the WPL, and the associated post winter weather catch-up, Bangor haven’t had a league game for nearly a month. I scrabbled around for a game.

This match featured  a player that played against the Jet Set on Monday. During the Jet Set’s match he was all swaggering style and discourteous gait; Flicks, feints, attempted nutmegs and rollovers were his repertoire. Today this bloke was playing in defence and slightly more restrained. Well I suppose you’d be a bit circumspect if you were against a bald man with a tendency fling himself at you feet first.

The game was ok, Llanrug looked more composed and were leading 1-0 as I left to ease my boredom.




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22 02 2011
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