It used to be simpler

18 02 2011

Usually when a big and brash club meets a non-league club in the FA Cup most people are on the side of the underdog. Therefore when Crawley play Manchester United tomorrow you’d think that most neutrals will be rooting for the non-league red devils. Hence;

“Crawley Town FC are preparing to take on Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup at Old Trafford.

They’re only the sixth non-league club to reach this stage of the tournament since the end of the Second World War.

On their way, they’ve knocked out League Two’s Torquay, League One’s Swindon and Championship side Derby County.

More than 9,000 Crawley fans will be in Manchester after their allocation of tickets sold out in four hours.

The club go into the match sitting second in the Blue Square Bet Premier table and have gone 11 games unbeaten.

Here’s what people in the town are making of the match ahead of this weekend, which is live on BBC Radio 5 Live at 5.15pm on Saturday 19 February.”

 Which leads to Bianca Delacotte, a 24 year old office worker, feeling a town’s pride

“There’s such a buzz around town. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s watching it.

“People at work are trying to get their shifts changed so they finish early and see it.

“Everyone knows it’s going to be immense. I’m not going, but will be heading down the pub.

“To be honest, I think they’ll lose, but it’ll be so brilliant to see them play such a big club.

“You never know we might get a lucky goal but we’re ready to lose.

“And even then, we wouldn’t be disappointed. We’re playing Manchester United. It’s huge.”

But what appears to be Goliath against the upstart David on the surface is nothing really of the sort if you go beyond the surface. There is a marked difference between Crawley Town and Sutton United, Woking or Yeovil and Petters. Crawley are…;

“Painted as the Conference’s answer to an unholy Manchester City-Millwall hybrid — no one likes ’em, but they don’t care when they’ve got loadsamoney — and run by a controversial manager who laps up playing the bogeyman, has there ever in the competition’s history been a more lukewarm response towards the prospect of a non-League side possibly reaching the fifth round of the FA Cup?”

When Saturday Comes put it even more succinctly “Creepy Crawley buying their way out of the Conference

As you may imagine they’re not liked by the fans of other clubs for this approach. There are probably several reason for this ill feeling. Firstly, they have no fans.

“The Supporters Club have announced that despite only having 17 people booked on the coach for the Wrexham match on Tuesday 15th February it will run to the game.”

Secondly, there is a history of “financial irregularities”.

Lastly, you could chuck in a lack of modesty too. Here’s their captain Pablo Mills talking about tomorrow;

“Mills, 26, told BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey: “We’re going to go up there to win a game. We’ll treat it as if we are playing a Conference team.”We’ll prepare the same way and try and play. Nothing is impossible.”

And here’s their manager Steve Evans doing the same;

“If there is any non-league club capable of beating United then it’s Crawley Town. We have the best team at this level for a long time and we’re more organised than other teams. It will take a miracle for that to happen but miracles do happen.”

In case you’ve forgotten about Steve Evans, he was the manager of Boston during their brief sojourn in the football league. Evans received…;

“…… a one-year suspended jail sentence in 2006 for his part in a tax fraud conspiracy when he was manager of Boston United in 2002.”

If whoring their way to success and associated arrogance wasn’t enough the money obsessed twats have sold their souls for filthy lucre. They have not only unveiled a new sponsorship for tomorrow (Cashing in you see!) with a bunch of twats, they’re actually  proud of their decision;

Crawley Town Football Club and their sponsors, Alamo International, are pleased to announce that the big match on February 19th against our rival ‘Red Devils’, Manchester United, will also be sponsored by the World famous S## newspaper.

Let’s leave the last word to the their captain.

“I don’t think there’s any club in the Conference who’d turn down what’s happened to us. We’re there to be shot at and a lot of teams are going to be envious of what’s happened to us.”

I can of a few fans that wouldn’t like that kind of billing for their club but maybe I’m odd, or jealous.

 Why can’t football be simple any more? Why can’t giantkilling teams consist of tradesmen and students any more?




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