Despise is such a horrible word

15 02 2011

Football fans being football fans they will try to watch football. Most will do it legally, but some will spoil it all by trying to watch football illegally. Let’s call these people amoral cowards.

Amoral cowards want to watch football on unlicensed television channels in pubs. By making this choice these scumbags won’t allow pubs to use sky tv to “Boost (their) business with an exciting live sports, news and entertainment package that’ll bring the customers in, get them to stay longer and, most importantly, encourage them to spend more.”.

Incidentally, Sky tv don’t like it when pesky little pubs abuse their noble ideology. They will try  to prosecute  the landlords that don’t submit to their wholesome monopoly. Well sky tv are bastards and protecting revenue is second nature to bastards. 

Mind you to give the bastards some leeway you can almost understand why they have this attitude. Firstly the amoral  cowards literally steal bread from the mouths of Murdoch’s  grandchildren. Secondly the glorious premier league allows sky tv to charge  pubs thousands of pounds a year to gain access to sky tv’s wonderful football product;

“A typical 12-month contract, based on a pub’s rateable value, can cost between £5,000 and £10,000 to show Premier League football and other sports.”

With just over 53,000 pubs in the UK sky tv stand to make a vast profit each year, you can definitely understand why they want to protect this.

Unfortunately for the bastards the amoral cowards may be winning. Last week Karen Murphy, the  landlady of the Red, White and Blue pub in Portsmouth, won the right to show football in her pub via an illegal foreign decoder. This ruling could potentially cost sky tv 100s of millions of pounds as EU law protects choice, or to put it another way;

“exclusivity of the rights in question have the effect of partitioning the internal market into quite separate national markets, something which constitutes a serious impairment of freedom to provide services”.

Unfortunately a situation that produces winners naturally produces the corollary, losers. Sir, can spare a thought for the football clubs? Clubs are already suffering greatly from the existence of amoral cowards. Niall Quinn simply despises” what these amoral cowards are doing to his beloved multi-million pound institution.

”I would never criticise anyone who doesn’t come to the stadium because of financial constraints, but I despise those who spend far more than the price of a ticket watching some overseas commentator describing the action at the nearby Stadium of Light.”

It gets better when you discover how he came by this information;

“…….a covert investigation had exposed evidence of the numbers who were viewing Sunderland games on Saturday afternoons without setting foot inside the club’s stadium.”

He obviously wants these fans to come back, yet he “despises” them and he’s spied on them. While he’s at it there’s another thing Niall can’t stand, there are “….a significant number of these people taking the easy option of spending their money in the pub watching their team as opposed to supporting their team and helping to create a better atmosphere at the Stadium.”

Taking the easy option, how very dare they!!! Staying in a pub with their mates, the very idea!!! You ain’t going to get people to come back with this attitude Niall.

On the other hand Niall if you weren’t charging £30 for less-than-total football more people might feel amenable to popping along to the Stadium of Light. You see Niall, tickets may only cost £30 each but if you add in the incidentals (a programme/fanzine, a bit of food, a few drinks, getting to the ground) that cost can go up to £50/£60 quite easily.

Even when there isn’t a recession/depression who the hell wants to spend £60 on 3/4 hours of entertainment where there’s no guarantee of any entertainment? If a Saturday night out  is added the day’s cost could go up to £100.  You don’t have to be a long distance Sunderland fan to incur these costs, you don’t even have to leave Sunderland.

The thing that makes this situation even worse is that we’re not even talking about a special weekend, it’s just one of 19 ordinary league games. Who can afford this kind of expense on a regular basis? Who actually wants to spend this much money on an ordinary football match?

Yesterday Niall clarified his point with a hole and a giant spade. Apparently “It’s not about the money thing”. Yes Niall how can it be about the money? It’s not as if Sunderland is one of the most deprived areas in Britain is it?

As usual the bloated premier league can’t see past it’s greed. Niall, you’re only moaning because you think this problem directly affects you and your club. If you really cared about football you’d be upset that people have prostrated themselves  at sky tv’s hype instead of supporting their smaller local clubs.  What about the effect of Saturday drinkers on the  smaller clubs in the north east Niall?

Yeah, what about the famous clubs like Blyth Spartans, Spennymoor Town, Norton & Stockton Ancients, Billingham Synthonia, Ashington, West Auckland Town and Whitley Bay? What about clubs like Sunderland Nissan FC,  Billingham Town, Bishop Auckland, Consett,  Tow Law Town and West Allotment Celtic? If Sunderland are suffering what about the effect of Saturday drinkers on all of these clubs Niall?

Mind you the premier league couldn’t care less about the effect of its hype so why would Niall care? 




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