Good old Dave to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 02 2011

Well done Good Old Dave (with your hard-working shirt-sleeves and unsubtle ways of removing your jacket to show you’re a man of the people) what brilliant ideas you come up with!!!;

“Let me make one thing absolutely clear: I’m not going to back down from what I believe in just because of a few bad headlines. The Big Society is my mission in politics. It’s what I want us – as a country – to build. Together. And I’m going to fight for it every day, because the Big Society is here to stay.

I don’t want the story of this government to be just an economic recovery. I want it to be a social recovery too. Because for all the action we’ve taken on pulling our economy from the brink, our society still hangs there. As I’ve said many times, our society is broken and we need to fix it – and the Big Society will help us do that.

I think our broken society all comes back to one word: responsibility. Put simply, there’s not enough of it. Too many people have stopped taking responsibility for their lives and for the people around them. Why? Now I don’t think this has happened because we’ve somehow become bad people. I think at its core, it’s the consequence of years and years of Big Government. As the state got bigger and more powerful, it took away from people more and more things that they should and could be doing for themselves, for their families and their neighbours. It’s the culture of rules, targets, laws, tick boxes and perverse signals that pay people to sit on the sofa rather than go to work. In this world, people start asking themselves: ‘Do I have no responsibility for my life? Do I not count for anything any more? Do my decisions not matter one bit?’ Too often the answer is no.

The Big Society is how we’ll fix our broken society, how we’ll strengthen families, how we’ll bring communities together. And the big question we have to ask ourselves is this: do we want a country where politicians, bureaucrats and the powers-that-be treat everyone like children who are incapable of taking their own decisions and taking responsibility for their lives? Or do we want a country where we treat adults like adults, and give them more power and more responsibility over their lives? The Big Society is not a government initiative. It’s about giving you the initiative – to take control of your life and work with friends, neighbours and colleagues to improve things around you.”

Don’t read it too closely as you’ll see it’s a right load of old bollocks. I’m tempted to think that he wants to give us more power because he wants us to run things when the funding is cut.

Indeed it’s difficult to think anything else when considering the message at face value; if ordinary, everyday, “grown-up” people want public services then these ordinary, everyday, “grown-up” people will have to do things for themselves, only they’ll have to do it without money because the funding’s been cut.  Then there is a hidden reason behind the cuts, punishing the public sector by destroying  the ability of unionised public sector workers to stand up to governments. The message doesn’t get any better.

But Good Old Dave says we’re all in this together so I’ll help him out, especially as solving this problem will require a revolutionary attitude. We need people to think outside of the box…… and luckily we have Good Old Dave……Good Old Dave’s infectious enthusiasm has rubbed off and now I’ve got an idea!

Stuff needs funding and stinking rich people have loads of money, why don’t we search for stinking rich people with a bit of social conscience to fund our feckless public sector. By Jove old bean I think I have it! And what’s more, it should be revolutionary enough for Good Old Dave. I can see it now;

We’ll get somebody to build new public buildings in a place they like because they want to give something back to that area for all the memories they have. Yes that will do!!! Wait a minute hold everything. Llandudno’s school Ysgol John Bright was named after some dude from the 19th century.

“John Bright, a leading 19th century politician, had regularly visited Llandudno with his family. Bright was a constant supporter of education. When he died in 1889, a collection was made in his name and it was used to create the original school as long as it was named after him.

Ysgol John Bright first opened in February 1896 in a temporary premises – which is now the Risboro Hotel. It was bought for £567 and had 62 pupils. By 1905, there were nearly 80 pupils and 5 teachers. It had 5 classrooms and specialist rooms for cookery, music, art and woodwork, physics and science.”

So Good Old Dave’s big idea is the same idea that motivated Victorian paternalism. It’s a good job that rich people have a bit money as they’ll be the ones funding Good Old Dave’s crusade for a decent Britain.

Well done Good Old Dave!! Have a scone for elevenses.



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