Our Discontent with Winter

11 01 2011

We’d heard about Henry Winter and his attitude but it wasn’t until we followed him on twitter (for academic purposes of course) that we realised how one-eyed he was. His tweets tell us that elite football is the only worthwhile football. If it’s not the champions league, the premier league or England matches then Haughty Henry simply doesn’t want to know darling. Even when he looks at the elite it’s only the elite of the elite he’s interested in, witness his tweet here.
When there’s talk of a possible resumption for the Home Internationals (a move  facilitated by Vauxhall’s sponsorship) Haughty Henry steps in to the “row” with a dose of common sense;

“…….The demolition derby characteristics of the Home International collisions, which lasted until 1984 when everybody retired hurt, the ball pleading for mercy, the concept of the Beautiful Game left battered and bruised, may appeal to fans and viewers but it is simply no preparation for encountering Brazil or Argentina.

Home International combat is no dress rehearsal for the dramas of facing the more sophisticated, ball-playing Latin opposition who bar the way to the World Cup, let alone the cultured Spanish or dynamic Germans who stand in the way of England getting anywhere at Euro 2012.”

………..Sadly, if the Home Internationals crept back like unwanted guests into the Home of Football, such enlightening friendlies (Ghana at home) would be threatened.

In  Henry’s  world you imagine the following meeting in that there London.

Act 1

Scene 1 –

We are in the ballroom of the FA’s Bohemian Soho Square mansion and the peasant Gary Speed sheepishly approaches the  manager of the English Associuation Football team, Lord Fortisque-Smythe. The Peasant Speed is clearly agitated in such exulted company.

“Begging your p-p-p-p-pardon kind sir but we were wondering if we may draw your attention…… Draw you attention t-t-to our p-p-p-p-passion for Association Football. If it’s at all p-p-p-p-possible we were wondering if you would accept our proposal for challenge match………..We know it will require a few days off ………..oh you can’t spare the time it’s the Pheasant season, I see. You’re correct, this kind of thing isn’t for the likes of us. P-p-p-please have p-p-p-pity on me and forget my impertinence!” 

We just have one detail to take issue with Haughty Henry, the Home Internationals have been over for 26 years yet your glorious England have missed out on the massive success they deserve. 

Winter’s attitude displays all the arrogance of the colonial governor, as our friends from Ffwtbol eloquently point out;

“The other reason that there should be no Team GB is the attitude of people like Henry Winter. Writing in The Telegraph today Winter’s piece is dripping with colonial supremism, and haughty dismissal of the other UK nations. He is against the British Championship, somehow envisaging a kick-and-rush battle with the “less sophisticated” Celtic teams, but also worried about the rough-arsed invaders intent on destroying London. It needs to be pointed out to Winter, that the only international team hooliganism in the past twenty years has come from England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have an unblemished record.
The one player that Winter mentions from Wales is Gareth Bale. And you do wonder how much of this new English “goodwill” is down to the emergence of Welsh stars like Bale and Aaron Ramsey. The English have been moaning about Bale’s birthplace all year. Team GB would just be a way of claiming him. I’m not sure England would be so intent on our involvement were it not for the recent prominence of our best players.”

Well Henry it’s probably better that you stick to your side of the tracks and we’ll stick to ours.

They’ve mentioned it now so here are some Home International memories (The first two are for Leighton’s autobiographical DVD).



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