The end of the world is nigh

26 12 2010

Today Blackpool’s match with Liverpool was called off because of a frozen pitch, a short while after this decision was announced we received a tweet from Henry Winter.

” Blackpool have made many friends this season but have now let down fans of #lfc, #mufc & #thfc.”

He may have written this as a joke, or he may have written it for the competition “Show what’s wrong with the premier league in less than 20 words” but either way it’s a rather arrogant statement to make. You can really feel the incredulity in the typing. How could Blackpool have the cheek to play in the holy premier league without underpitch heating? Even worse they had the lack of foresight to prepare for unexpectedly Arctic conditions.

While some in Wales haven’t played a game since November this doesn’t matter, when this weather has the absolute gall to disrupt the glorious premier league well it’s a major problem for the world. Curse you Blackpool and your third world ground. You’ve ruined football, now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. By the way Bangor were due to play a match tomorrow but it has already been called off, we await Winter’s view with bated breath.

In other news, Fuck Off Daily Mail.




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11 01 2011
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