Just like a bad acid flashback

7 12 2010

At certain times there seems to be a chain of connections between events that are unconnected to the untrained eye.

The first thread; Yesterday we saw one of the adverts that Ian Wright appears in. It was for the tabloid owned by Murdoch’s evil empire. The voiceover on this advert tried to claim that this “newspaper” is the world’s number one newspaper for football, which is probably true for jingoistic and incoherent people to be fair like I said.

The second thread; Last Tuesday we happened to see what  the person opposite us on the train was reading. He was reading Murdoch’s tabloid. We managed to see that “Wrighty” was apoplectic about the BBC’s treachery for screening Panorama. It sounded like the typical bluster from good old Wrighty, do you remember his level headed analysis from Euro 2004 – “I’m Gutted, that’s all I can say Gary” (Goes into a silent huff).

The third thread; On Friday evening we saw Kelvin McKenzie, the cunt what used to run that “Newspaper”, on daytime television. His odious presence besmirched Alan Titchmarsh’s magnum opus on daytime television. Titchmarsh obviously thought that 3 so-called celebrities could solve the problem of the weather. McKenzie blustered and blamed political correctness or something. Jolly old Kelvin, what a card! See how he puts people down with a smile!

There was a time when Kelvin was still considered a cunt. He used to be an odious purveyor of the cheapest, nastiest and most boorish type of journalism. When it came to anything he was certain. Foreigners were scumbags, unions were scumbags, Neil Kinnock was a scumbag, do you notice the running theme?

When it came to the Hillsborough disaster he was definite in his version of the truth. Unfortunately his version of the truth was the opposite of the truth suffered by those there. In McKenzie’s version (the same one the police and most of the media tried to put out) the disaster was the fault of drunken Liverpool fans. McKenzie went a bit further, not only was it the fault of Liverpool fans those scumbags urinated on the police and graverobbed dead bodies.

On the other hand  the official enquiry, the Taylor Report, found different causes. Lord Taylor’s report found that it was the football industry’s attitudes towards fan safety that was the problem. Faced with the proper truth McKenzie apologized for his gross insensitivity but McKenzie secretly believed his version of “The Truth”. The apology was a hollow gesture, he  retracted it;

MacKenzie explained his reporting in 1993. Talking to a House of Commons National Heritage Select Committee, he said: “I regret Hillsborough. It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said. It was a Tory MP. If he had not said it and the Chief Superintendent (David Duckenfield) had not agreed with it, we would not have gone with it.”

MacKenzie repudiated this apology in November 2006, saying that he only apologised because the newspaper’s owner Rupert Murdoch ordered him to do so. He said, “I was not sorry then and I’m not sorry now” for the paper’s coverage. MacKenzie refused again to apologise when appearing on the BBC’s topical Question Time on 11 January 2007″

In case you don’t know what McKenzie looks like, have a look at the slimy bastard’s performance on Question Time.

Needless to say this approach offended millions. One of the outcomes of this newspaper’s approach was a boycott of this “newspaper” by newsagents in Merseyside. This ban is still in place as Alexei Sayle found out;

The pernicious effect of McKenzie’s angle is still with us.

“People showing up without tickets, hell bent in getting into somewhere where they shouldn’t be going because they don’t have tickets, is the root cause of [the Hillsborough Disaster].”

“I’m yet to read anybody write in this weekend’s Sunday papers in England, where they’re all doing big commemorations about the 96, and why we should never forget and how it’s changed the game, nobody discusses the 6-8,000 who showed up without tickets and my argument has always been, if those people don’t show up, this never happens.”

“[Hillsborough] is a stadium that week-in week-out, Sheffield Wednesday used without incident.”

It’s amazing to witness the redemptive powers of daytime television. All an odious moron like McKenzie needs to do is pass through ITV1’s public rehabilitation complex (A bit like a Guantanamo Bay but run by Max Clifford.) and all is right. It doesn’t matter what they’ve done, what they’ve said or how many millions they’ve offended. Think of the opinionated moron Gregg Wallace, he was just an opinionated hooligan greengrocer before daytime TV gave him the power to destroy aspirations.

As for that “newspaper” 21 and a half years ago they labelled football fans as scumbags that urinated on the police and graverobbed dead bodies. Now they see fans as the lifeblood of the nation and say their  “newspaper” will provide the football oxygen. It’s as if the media think we’re the sheep in Animal Farm. “Dave Cameron good, Sepp Blatter bad” is catchy we suppose.

So the threads come together in unpleasant memories.




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