…and in last week’s games

28 09 2010
Prestatyn Town 3 Bangor City 2
Loosemores League Cup QF

We arrived with certain expectations and after 13 minutes we were on the way to a feeling of fulfilment; Dave Morley rose and headed the ball into the top corner. The goal was sandwiched between periods of Bangor skill. In fact Eddie and Sion were so dangerous some of the Prestatyn players felt the need to swipe at them.

The lead didn’t last long. Ex-Welsh Cup Winner Lee Hunt equalised from the spot. After the equaliser Bangor applied pressure but thanks to a mixture of Hill Dunt saves, including a spectacular tip over, and Bangor’s failure to make the most of their chances there were no further Bangor goals.

Prestatyn’s fans could probably argue something similar as Smithy made a miraculous save (a save that reminded the blue army intellectuals of a certain Gordon Banks.) and they also missed a virtual open goal. A notable idiot in the first half was Prestatyn’s number 4, Dave Hayes, he really polluted one’s reverie. Half time meant an Oxo for Alwyn. He said it was good.

In the early part of the second half Bangor applied themselves to the task of winning with gusto. They also restricted Prestatyn to few chances. Bangor had a little trouble with the linesman’s frequently raised flag but chances continued to be created by good passing and incisive wingplay. Eventually the pressure told and Peter Hoy football genius passed the ball into the goal. He ran off for high fives with the blue army.

The euphoria lasted for roughly one minute. The details of Prestatyn’s goal are a bit sketchy, all we knew for definite was the score; 2-2. The details of the Prestatyn winner were also sketchy, there was a cross followed by a touch and then the ball was past Smithy. Somebody, who ran like Lee Hunt, sped off in celebratory mood. 

This game could have been dubbed an exciting game, although the Jet Set were a little nonplussed at Bangor’s failure to win. You could argue that Prestatyn might have won if they had taken their chances. But if you were wishing for accuracy you should say that Bangor should have won. as they had generally looked the more dangerous of the sides. So our winning streak came to an end, but it’s not the end of the world. 

During the second half we saw the reason why certain players become unloved. From the start of the match some of Prestayn’s seemed a little too keen on the physical aspects of football. (We never notice Bangor players acting like this you understand.) Fortunately for most of the first half Prestatyn’s approach was ineffectual. There was only one bad foul but this had more to do with the quickness of the Bangor players, a bad intent was clearly there. Even then players like Hayes had the cheek to moan, or even shout, at the referee.

The second half was young when the cynicism was renewed; Sion attempted a break away but was felled by a poisonous little creature called “Wilson”. For the rest of the second half this “Wilson” showed the breath of his exquisite skills. When he wasn’t launching the ball skyward like a mercurial French outside half having an off day, he was provoking retaliation with his muscular style of shielding the ball. When he wasn’t moaning he was goading Les by tapping his ankles when Les had possession.

This “Wilson” seems to be the type of spiteful anti-footballer that clogs up football, players who seem to offer nothing more than effort and the qualities of a wall. Yes you need people to win possession back but is it really that hard to pass the ball to a team-mate?  If the Jet Set can manage to complete the complex feat of passing the ball to a team mate at our lowly level, you would think that in the Welsh Premier League, with players of higher standard, players could accomplish this complex feat as well.

Dave Hayes, what a gem of a player! His name must translate as “ceaseless hectoring voice” in the language of the Lakota. When a free kick was awarded to Bangor; moan. When Sion was adjudged onside; moan. When the linesman said the ball didn’t go out 60 yards away; moan. When Hill Dunt failed to move 6 inches to the right; moan. When the half time tea was cold; moan.

Ordinarily you would think that a person who moans this much has high standards. You may think that they’d never do anything wrong, as they would endeavour to set an example for mankind to follow. You may be wrong to assume.

During the second half Hayes the Pious Hypocrite perpetrated a couple of clear fouls, including a bear hug on Les, yet he moaned about being penalised. When Prestatyn were wrongly awarded a goal kick you could see in the hypocrite’s face that he knew the truth, but he didn’t moan, he congratulated the ref on his fortitude. Those two seconds told you everything you needed to know. Had someone taken a dump in his soapbag at halftime?

At the end of the game there was a little contretemps between a few individuals, or the “…embarrassing scene of pushing and shoving” that Half Man Half Biscuit describe so well. You can’t tell us that the approach of Hayes and Wilson had nothing to with the argy bargy. If Prestatyn can stomach earning victories using irritating players then fair enough, “That’s Football”. On the other hand a little bit of goodness must die when players like Hayes and “Wilson” win football matches.

Bangor City 2 Aberystwyth Town 1
Welsh Premier League

The dread came today. It crept forward, slowly, slowly, slowly….

Dread was far from our minds at the start of the match, it had a fantastic start. We had record takings in the shop, a big, big crowd and saw Bangor score after 13 minutes. It wasn’t just the goal either, some of Bangor’s play was simply magnificent fare, passes into space, instant control, expert volleyed passes, what stuff, what stuff!!

To make us feel more comfortable the threat posed by Aber lacked the potency that we feared. There were some skilful touches by Ricky Evans but you wouldn’t expect anything less. Their ultras (and flag) had nothing to cheer.

The dread arrived when Bangor thought that the second half should be spent doing things the hard way. Although Bangor had most of the possession we couldn’t apply the right touches at important moments. Aber seemed more with it in this half so every attack was accompanied by a sharp intake of breath, it felt like the Jet Set was surrounded by a gathering of unimpressed plumbers. “Oh Christ!” said a penitent crowd member as the tension rose.

Craig Garside went off with a serious looking injury. As we’d seen Peter Hoy football genius go off in the first half it started to feel like it was all going wrong. Aber continued to attack the end with their ultras. Then, suddenly!!, the Giant in blue ran with the ball. He fed Eddie, Eddie crossed. A shot was blocked, another was saved, another blocked. Then the ball was at the feet of the giant again. BANG! It was a goal!! The Blue Army Intellectuals were so overcome by the rush  of joy after the dread that Aber’s goal almost failed to register.

Another win, huzzah!!



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