Not the only ones

14 09 2010

At first we thought the glorious champions league had allowed the  Jet Set to discover more comrades for the cause, a new team with righteous underpinnings.

Righteousness in the champions league, whatever next!! So, it was a big hello to Hapoel Tel Aviv and a big hello to their fans too. We thought Hapoel were good and true because they were;

“the standard-bearer of the Israeli left. It was the last club to cut formal links with politics, in this case the trade union movement and Labour party. At home matches, fans unroll banners emblazoned with the face of Che Guevara.”

They seemed like our kind of people!

Then we discovered the debate and other evidence;

“Hapoel Tel Aviv attracts a Labour Zionist support in opposition to Revisionism. Labour Zionism, however, has been as much a violator of Palestinian human and national rights as its Revisionist competitor. Often the competition between the two camps is in terms of degrees of harshness towards Palestinians.

Labour Zionism has been dominant in Israel through all the massive waves of ethnic cleansing beginning in 1948. Labour Zionists planned and carried out the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Dr. Moran points out that Hapoel “were controlled by the Histadrut labor federation” until recently. He might have explained that the Histadrut constituted the core of the Zionist colonising project that produced the Israeli state from the first wave of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The Histadrut founded the Haganah ethnic cleansing militia that morphed into the Israeli Army, whose murderous crimes in Gaza this year have led to the UN Human Rights Council calling for Israeli war criminals to be tried in the International court of Justice. This call follows Judge Goldstone’s meticulous research into Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Hapoel Tel Aviv, Dr. Moran notes, started out as “as a workers’ team in direct conflict with the purported bourgeois support base of Maccabi Tel Aviv”. These workers, however, overwhelmingly identified themselves as part of a settler colonial enterprise – Zionism – dedicated to the ethnic cleansing of the natives. This included the expulsion of Arabs from jobs to make way for Jewish immigrants, a vile programme termed by Labour Zionists the “conquest of labour”. Hatred of bourgeois went hand in hand with cooperation with those same bourgeois to drive out Palestinians. Labour Zionists were a classic case of “radish socialists” – “Reds” on the outside but “Whites” underneath.

We should have known better, the world has never been simple.




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15 09 2010

Good Points comrade!

I suppose I just want heroes still!! It’s not particularly easy to find heroes if you read stuff made by the more sectarian elements on the left. Some elements on the left seem to hate each as much as they hate their common enemy.

In realtion to the “politics as fashion”, it’s true enough. I know a lad from Llandudno who goes to watch Celtic, he never struck as politically literate in school or after. One day he saw me wearing a Che t-shirt and started banging on about Che, Republicanism and the IRA. He told me proudly that he owned a Bobby Sands badge. At first I was glad to hear all that but after a bit of a chat it was clear he was still as politically apathetic as he always was when it came to real issues.

In relation to Beitar fans the Hapoel fans are certainly righteous, so that’s something.

Keep Reading!!

15 09 2010

Indeed, but then Israeli politics will always be unusual. Come to think of it when has anyones politics ultra groups or individuals been straight forward.

One of the main guys in the Iriducilble (sp??) at Lazio is a communist, yet they are some of the most right wing fans you can meet.

I was up in Glasgow with the Green Brigade lads when Celtic played Hapoel last year. There was a real push by various Palestine groups for people to fly the flag of Palestine as a protest. Obviously many people expected the Ultras Hapoel to be pro Palestine, but then why would they be? Which ever end of the political specturm they come from they will view the Palestinian situatuion through the same lenses as many if not all Israelis.

To be honest, for a lot of Ultra groups I get the feeling that aligning yourself with left or right political views is done in the same thought as whether to wear sambas or beckenbauers to the match. It seems to be a very fashion orientated decision. This has been reflected over the years as we have seen Curvas turn from Left to Right to Left.

Im sure many core members hold strong political ideals, but when you start having groups with 100’s or 1000’s of members not everyone can be a true died in the wool socialist.


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