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1 09 2010
Thursday 26/8/10
Aston Villa 2 Rapid Vienna 3
Europa League Play-Off Round 2nd Leg

The match was entertaining; goals, nice moves, a comeback and mistakes aplenty. Just like last year we saw a missed penalty, just like last year Rapid progressed and just like last year we were happy. Here’s a more in-depth review of the match action. Unfortunately the wasn’t the thing caught our attention today, it was the thought that quite a few football fans can act like morons, shock horror!!

It’s our own fault for putting ourselves in such a position, we should have remembered that when tickets cost £5 it’s usually too good to be true.  It was meant  to be so different. When we saw the draw we knew that  had to be watch Rapid again, only this time we’d go in with the Ultras Rapid and have a bit more fun. The £5 tickets were merely our insurance policy. When we got to the Rapid end we met incomprehension; “You are Rapid fans?” said the mouth, “…But you look British” said the face. Then the cost of the tickets was more than we had, SHIT!. Not having enough money turned out to be a big mistake but at the time our only emotion was thankfulness at having our £5 back-up plans.

Almost as soon as we got in to the ground it started to go wrong. Firstly it was raining. Secondly we were on the end of a row and thanks to the rain and the gap between two stands, the seats on the end of each row were the only ones drenched in water. When we finally got to our seats we found people sitting in them. Luckily we found two other free seats but after five minutes the ticket holders for these seats showed up so we had to move up, a move that  could have led to deep vein thrombosis thanks to the lack of leg room. Then on top of everything we were surrounded by morons. So there we were, sitting uncomfortably without respite for 2 hours.

Last year the Rapid fans had an excellent time supporting their team; chanting, waving flags and generally being noisy. Their choreography was excellent. For some reason we thought the Villa fans may have been inspired by the Rapid fans to offer similar support, silly old Jet Set. The Rapid fans went through their great routine, the Villa fans made you remember the work of Jean Baudrillard . ( That’s what you get for watching the Matrix trilogy on ITV4.) In post-modern societies……;

 “Simulacra and Simulation is most known for its discussion of images, signs, and how they relate to contempraneity. Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is of a simulation of reality” 

To put it in less pretentious language, the Villa fans seemed to be mere copies of football fans. They may look like football fans (sitting in a stadium wearing replica shirts, jackets and scarves) but it’s all surface. While the Rapid fans showed that it’s possible to have a good time at a football match, the Villa fans just sat there in a herd.

The Rapid fans jumped, the Villa fans moaned. The Rapid fans waved flags, the Villa fans waved the “wanker sign” at the away fans. The Rapid fans chanted, the Villa fans muttered about Heskey. One twat refused to sit down even though everybody else was. At one point he interjected with “I’ve got a fucking season ticket, I’ll stand if I bloody want to” when a steward who had the cheek to ask him to desist. When Villa scored it was as if Dr. Frankenstein had thrown a switch. Catatonic bodies suddenly sprang into life and the Villa fans went into gloat mode (now with automatic hand and arm moments). It was hilarious when Rapid equalised 90 seconds after the second Villa goal and silenced the morons.

Then there were the comedians. One bloke thought it would be funny to start chanting “What’s it like to lose a war?” No-one joined in. Another stood up “Oi Wolfgang, put your shirt on yow Queer”. Someone laughed. Another bloke thought making a Nazi salute, with a finger under his nose, was a good idea. Another shouted something incomprehensible and then turned for the acclaim of his mates, they were silent.

You have to ask yourself, if these people don’t even bother to support their team properly (You know a bit of encouragement, a bit of singing, a bit of life in general)  why did they bother to come? They could have saved themselves the aggravation and watched it at home. If they had wanted their team to win, and they’re in the ground so this is a correct assumption, then why weren’t they just offering indifference? On the evidence of today it maybe wise for some people to drop the hackneyed phrase about England having some of the best football fans in the world.

Saturday 28/8/10
Bangor City 2 Llanelli 0
Welsh Premier League

For the second season in a row the Jet Set missed a Bangor match thanks to a friend getting married. The main difference this time was we won!!! And quite well by the sound of the texts we received. Why do texts take longer to arrive when you really want them?



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