On the Road

21 08 2010
Bala Town 2 Bangor City 3
Welsh Premier League

After our European adventure we were happy, after last week’s performances we  were confident, we all thought the Blues were on a roll. The heads of the Jet Set felt as though they were on a  roll too thanks to the windy, vomit-inducing roads to southern Gwynedd., their bendiness really obscures the beauty of the area. Just after we’d reached Bala a Jet Set head clashed with a car door so we set off down Bala’s main drag in a groggy and dishevelled state.

Neither the greetings of fellow Blue Army Intellectuals nor a delicious cheese and pickle roll could shake us free of the woolly feeling. Whilst we sat on a bench halfway down Bala’s high street it started to rain, which was just like last year. We yearned to see Bala in the sun but  we’d have the watch the action through squinted eyes again, we’ll have to guess at the area’s mythical beauty again. This was very frustrating as we awoke on a sunny north coast this morning.

A fine mist accompanied our walk from town centre to Maes Tegid. The ground was surrounded by S4C’s vehicles because we were tonight’s televisual attraction. We entered the ground and found the advance party of Blue Army Intellectuals. We philosophised as our heroes warmed up and more intellectuals arrived. The kick off was meant a crescendo of noise from those surrounding the Jet Set, the misty rain barely touched our spirits.

Everything was fine apart from Bala’s goal after roughly 6 minutes. A couple of  minutes later, almost as if our season is being directed by the hopes of the Blue Army,  Bangor were awarded a penalty. Morley put the ball down, Morley strode to the edge of the area, Morley ran up to the ball and kicked it, Morley scored. It really was that easy but then the word “Disappointment” doesn’t feature in the world of Dave Morley.

A couple of minutes later fate intervened again; Bangor were in the lead. Our new hero, Chris Jones, headed the ball into the Bala net and then jumped into the crowd. A few minutes after our second goal Alan Bull was fed. He scored with a calm finish into the side-netting. A hidden hand was definitely guiding our season; Bangor were now 3-1 up – cue Euphoria!!! Bala’s continued attacks failed to  prevent the positivity as more Bangor goals seemed possible. Most people, your humble narrator included, forgot that a two goal lead is the least secure of comfortable leads.

Maes Tegid is a lovely location in which to watch association football.  The other end of the ground was nature’s cantilever; a verdant gentle slope our terracing and the branches of trees our roof.  In these times of environmental destruction it feels right to be in an environmentally sound ground, it’s a shame that more clubs don’t embrace the spirit of Gaia when designing their architecture.

The second half was considerably less comfortable to watch than the first. Bangor had forgotten what they were doing so well when they were attacking and they appeared to be more disorganised at the back. The two related processes coalesced into fan anxiety, a feeling that increased when Bala scored their second.

The theme continued when Bala had a few more chances and the blues continued to look disjointed in attack. We remained disjointed even though Big Les and Jamie Reed entered the action. Reed looked short of match fitness on his return from Aus, he had also left his co-ordination on the plane. Luckily the final whistle went before the situation changed.

On the way home the Jet Set wondered if we’d been on TV again, our show reel needs updating.




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