Call Mulder and Scully!!!

29 07 2010


 We could have sworn that Bangor City were playing CS Maritimo tonight. 

We have been living under this misapprehension since 9:22 last Thursday evening. At this time we thought that Bangor City had won their match 2-1 and that this score meant passage to the next round thanks to a 3-2 victory on aggregate. This is where it starts to get really weird, we could have sworn we were there to see it happen.

At the time we thought it was too good to be true, we knew there was a snag somewhere as we didn’t believe our eyes at the time. Even so, the bizarre notion of Bangor playing a match tonight stuck. So we tried to find flights to Madeira for less than £500 return. It stayed with us as other Bangor fans pestered us to come with them. When we received texts from people telling us that Madeira was delightful and when we saw pictures of Bangor’s players leaving Funchal’s airport on facebook things like this just convinced us the game was going to happen.

It seems that for the last week we’ve been under the false impression that Bangor were about to play their biggest match for roughly 26 years, in fact we’d been duped by the biggest fabrication since the moon landings. The proof – We found ourselves in the Colwyn Bay branch of Morrisons so we thought we would flick  through the newspapers in their extensive library. There was no mention of Bangor’s mythical match in Madeira in any of them.

Mind you we shouldn’t be surprised. They never make any fuss when a club like Blyth Spartans gets to the third round of the FA Cup, so why should make a fuss when Bangor’s Postmen, librarians and particle physicists have a little bit of “success”.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you yearn to be patronised by Henry Winter.


Curiouser and curiouser.

There seems to be a game on, look at 19:40.

There’s a bit of a preview too. (A rough translation is below.)

The defense of Maritimo, Robson acknowledges that Bangor is a strong team. The game between the two formations is the one . ‘s third -hand . qualifying round of the Europa League and plays in Funchal , from 19.45 .

The challenge will be setting the Stadium of Madeira. The formation of Madeira will be without the injured Djalma but , instead, will return midfielder Rafael Miranda.

“In an antenna , the defense Robson ranked team in Wales and a strong lineup very similar to the previous opponent Sporting Fingal , Ireland .

“I think the team deserves respect. There is a team that is delivered. It deserves our attention and respect. Let’s get strong to get a good result here.

Don’t you just hate lazy journalists?



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