Madeira’s so far away

28 07 2010

Tomorrow Bangor City will be playing CS Maritimo on the lovely island of Madeira. For the second round in a row the Jet Set will not be there. We could have bankrupted ourselves for a historical night but in these times of doom and desperation, honestly the cost of flights to Madeira is absolutely scandalous.

As you read this, the BEF (Blue Expeditionary Force) will be there sampling the delights of Madeiran culture. Our feet have been itching since last Thursday final whistle. As we sat in front of this computer the itching got worse, especially when our thoughts began to fly, fly over the Atlantic Ocean, towards Madeira’s sandy beaches and rocky outcrops.

The Sagres would have been cool and delicious, the bolo de mel would have been sweet. Setting foot onto the terraces of the concrete bowl, watching Bangor City warming up, whilst the late evening sun bathed us in warmth, would have been a joyous, once in a lifetime, feeling. Needless to say our hearts are with those sat next to their swimming pools as you read.

They say that one  pilgrimage to Madeira is worth seven pilgrimages to Newtown, the soul of the Jet Set is suffering.

However it is  not just the Jet Set’s spiritual side that’s missing out, our cultural side is also missing out. We are missing a once in a lifetime chance to shop at Cristiano Ronaldo’s boutique. We yearn to dress in the style of the “Mediterranean Style Stallion” and the clothes in CR7 would have given us the ideal opportunity.

We could have taken advantage of the opportunity;

“For fans who want to dress like Ronaldo, the store includes all the essential wardrobe items for a metrosexual Mediterranean stallion style, including diamante studded belts, jeans with leather pockets and patent buckled loafers.”

Just when we had accepted our situation we can’t go, fate comes a-taunting.




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