And that’s the end of that chapter

7 07 2010

Our adventure is finally over, “La Celeste” have been knocked out. They may have been knocked out but it was fun while it lasted, not least for the the lustful gazes the Jet Set  felt whilst wearing Uruguay’s shirt. The burden of style is not easy to carry but one must expect it when you’re the Jet Set.

Our favourite memory of our adventure was Luis Suarez’s goal against South Korea. It was classic world cup goal scored in classic world cup conditions, driving rain. Mind you that’s the only our favourite highlight, there were many; the interplay between Suarez and Forlan, the resolute defending of Lugano, the tenacity of Arevalo Rios in Midfield, the stylish kit.

As the world cup progressed the matches became better and better, more excitement after more excitement. The excitement culminated in the extraordinary quarter final last Friday. In short we’ve seen skill, style and drama, we couldn’t have asked for more, apart from asking for a Uruguay win in their semi final.

Unfortunately there was always a cloud on our horizon; ITV’s coverage. It didn’t matter in the second round as we couldn’t hear the commentator. The quarter final was going alright until Uruguay cheated in the eyes of the moral guardian of the world, Andy Townsend. Last night was much the same, the twatty commentaor doing one’s head in.

If it wasn’t bad enough watching your team lose to a team containing Mark van Bommel and Arjen Robben we had Tyldesley describing the action. Seeing Robben grinning like a Conservative MP and high-fiving is bad enough but hearing Tyldesley rhapsodise over it is almost enough to push you into becoming the clichéd rock star in a hotel room.

Maybe we’re over-sensitive but we always get the sense that Tyldesley picks a team to get behind. Usually it’s England or an English club side but now he’s more cosmopolitan, he’s anti-Uruguay too. Last week he was willing Ghana to win, yesterday it was Holland. Then he has the cheek to assumes that everybody else is doing the same. This is just one of his mildly infuriating ticks however, we heard another last night.

Until Holland scored a distinctly lucky second goal, Van Persie was a mile of offside, they were huffing and puffing away. To be fair Uruguay huffed and puffed too. Tyldesley huffed and puffed too. But that’s not to say it was a bad game.

 When Holland scored the superlatives flowed like bullshit from a Conservative minister. Holland were now “Cool, Calm and Great!!!!!” and Sneijder was “Fabulous!!!!!!”. When Robben scored Holland’s third he was “Fabulous!!!!!” too and Holland were “Fantastically Beautiful!!!!!” whilst playing “Total Football as God had intended!!!!!!”. Anyone else could have seen that a disputed second goal had knocked the stuffing out of “La Celeste” but not Tyldesley. He  had decided that Holland deserve to be in the final because they had “Stars” and Uruguay didn’t. He saw providence at work.

Tyldesley is just part of the bullshit PR that surround the “Beautiful Game”, he probably thinks he needs to add a bit of colour because he’s part of the showbiz industry. In reality he sullies any match he’s involved with.

The sooner they nationalise ITV the sooner we can close it down.


Adios Companeros, Adios!!!




One response

8 07 2010

The antics of Mark van Bommel bring back bad memories a very similar display he produced in the Barca/Arsenal European Cup Final; oh how I hate him.

How the country that gave us Cruyff, van Basten & Bergkamp could have also given us, and played, this cheating hatchet-man I will never know.

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