Like a blooming yo-yo

24 06 2010

They are back, back I tells ya!!!!!

All it took was a victory over the smallest country in the competition and now mighty England are back!!!

Last week everybody knew Capello was clueless. We all knew the players were an embarrassment to us but now it’s different and we can all be proud. Now we can go and take piss out of other countries getting knocked out. It wouldn’t be the same any other way but that’s ’cause we’re English ain’t it! We are Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Facebook always provides a marvellous snapshot of the enlightened.)

Last week we had depression and despondancy but that was before they’d beaten the smallest country in the world cup. Now they are back!!! The tabloids are charting England’s glorious progress to the final, Jermain has no fears and Stevie says “We’re a match for anyone“. They’re playing their Queen’s home country next, we can’t wait for the headlines.

And they wonder why people want them to lose.




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