Shopping? You were shopping!!!!!!!!!?????

15 06 2010

The world cup is surrounded by lists; Top 30 goals, top 10 fouls, 33 worst side-partings. All you need is a talking head with pithy analysis between the clips and you’ve got televisual gold. We’d like to suggest a new programme; the “TOP 50 WORLD CUP MOMENTS YOU DIDN’T SEE”.

The Jet Set would like to nominate this moment from 1998;

In case you don’t recognise it, the moment we’d pick is Dennis Bergkamp’s last-minute winner in World Cup Quarter Final against Argentina.

The Jet Set missed it because we were shopping in Liverpool, what’s worse is that we can’t remember what we bought. Of course we’ve seen it since but when action is divorced from its original context it doesn’t feel quite the same.You can sense the beauty or excitement in a moment but it doesn’t have that wow factor. 

The goal is great; the skill of the pass, the exquisite control and touch of Bergkamp, the sublime finish. But this is not what we really love about the goal, it’s the reaction of the Dutch radio commentator.

That certainly beats “Remember, it was 35 years and 45 seconds since that balmy night in Barcelona”.




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22 06 2010

Actually listening to that again, does he say “Dennis Bergkamp, Inter Milan”?

I was thinking the other day too, that is probably the best goal I’ve seen at a World Cup Finals. Of course there was Maradona’s second against England, but I was only nine and whilst I have a vague recollection of seeing it the Bergkamp goal is much more vivid.

I missed it too, sort of. I was working but I recorded it and watched it as live.

16 06 2010

I missed the Green hilarity if that counts?

16 06 2010

Without even clicking on that video I know what is contains, “DENNIS BERGKAMP! DENNIS BERGKAMP! DENNIS BERGKAMP! Fantastic.

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